The CrossFit virtual competition offers athletes a $ 5,000 chance

2020 was a tough year for competition. While the major sports leagues have been able to host games in “bubble locations” and empty stadiums, this cannot be said for the basic competitions. Endurance athletes had very few opportunities to compete – apart from a few virtual competitions – and with pandemic restrictions on closing or restricting fitness operations, staying motivated was a challenge.


However, a new competition will give CrossFit athletes 5,000 reasons to revive their competitiveness.

After the success of their first event, the New York-based men’s label has Activewear Ten thousand and NYC WillyB CrossFitare hosting another CrossFit virtual contest with $ 5,000 in prize money. The concept is simple: CrossFitters of all skill levels meet some of the world’s best to win five giants (plus boasting rights).

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To participate, athletes simply need to register online and wait until December 7th for WillyB Crossfit founder and ten thousand core athlete Jared Stein to send a video of his training. Next, athletes must take a video of themselves having completed training and submit it by December 16.

The athlete with the best score wins a $ 5,000 wallet out of ten thousand, while the gym with the best combined score wins custom equipment Samson equipment.

“After COVID closed all gyms, I sent a group text to some other ten thousand athletes:” Let’s all do the same workout tomorrow at 5:00 am and whoever has the best score wins, “Stein said.” There should be a possibility Be to keep us all connected as we are all spread out across the country and are motivated and responsible to keep up with our regimes. “What started out as a one-time thing turned into a weekly thing, and then more and more people started talking to each other get in. And then it’s Keith [Nowak]The co-founder of Ten Thousand got wind of what we did. “

Courtesy of ten thousand

There is no entry fee, qualifying round, or age limit for the competition. But you’d better bring your A game. The first competition had over 500 participants from over 20 different countries. This competition will also feature additional categories including a women’s workout as well as a separate gym prize with the best combined score.

“These WORK events are about bringing people together,” said Stein. “Whether this gives individuals the opportunity to virtually compete with their friends and fellow athletes, or gives members of a gym a single goal to work towards as a team.” The fact that they can win serious money and prizes only sweetens the experience. “


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