Bettors heavily favored Lakers to win the title

The Los Angeles Lakers will round out their season as consensus favorites to win a second straight NBA championship. And the betting public is on board.

More money was wagered on the Lakers to win the title than on any other team combined at William Hill Sportsbook. The Lakers make up a whopping 60% of the total dollars wagered on William Hills championship odds.

The Lakers are listed as favorites at 11-4, followed by the Brooklyn networks and Milwaukee Buckswhich are 5-1 each. The LA Clippersare the only other team with a 6-1 win at William Hill Sportsbook.

The next tier of title contenders, according to Oddsmakers, includes the Boston Celtics (12-1), intense heat (16-1), Dallas Mavericks (20-1), Toronto Raptors (20-1), Philadelphia 76ers (20-1) and Denver nuggets (20-1). But bets on anyone other than the Lakers are hard to come by.

“The money came in [on the Lakers]Jeff Sherman, vice president of risk management for the SuperBook at Westgate Las Vegas, told ESPN, “We’re at 11-4 right now and we’re getting a lot of support on that number too.” . “

The Lakers have attracted five times as much money as the Nets, the second strongest team at William Hill. The two largest futures bets – $ 20,000 and $ 10,000 – placed at William Hill are both on the Lakers.

The Lakers open their season on Tuesday night against the Clippers. The Lakers, who prefer to start the season in 24 consecutive games, are 3-point favorites.

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