Meet the 2021 NFL Draft QB Class: Everything You Need to Know

The quarterback class for that 2021 NFL draft could be one for the ages with as many as six Quarterbacks that could go into the first round, according to ESPN design analysts Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay.

It starts up at Clemson Trevor Lawrence, one of the best QB prospects in years and the Favorite be chosen # 1 overall. Lawrence will compete in the College Football Playoff with the other top caller in this class, Ohio Justin Fields. Not far behind – for the time being – are BYUs Zach Wilson, North Dakota State Trey Lance, Alabamas Mac Jones (also in the CFP mix) and Florida Kyle Trask. NFL teams that need a new look in the middle have many options.

But who are these callers and what makes them top NFL prospects? We have outlined everything you need to know about them, including their backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses as well Leaderboards of Kiper and McShay. We’ll start with Lawrence, who is likely # 1 in the upcoming draft, and end with a few more quarterbacks that could be drafted next April.

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The best of the rest of the class

Year: Junior | Age: 21 | Career begins: 35
Height: 6-foot-6 | Weight: 220

If you don’t already know Lawrence’s name, you may have lived under a rock for the past few years. He’s got an NFL-eligible frame and cannon for one arm, and McShay has called him “the best quarterback prospect.” [he has] seen since Andrew Luck left college in 2012. “And all Lawrence does is win.

He was 52-2 as the starting quarterback at Cartersville High School in Cartersville, Georgia, and Clemson only lost once to him under the middle three Seasons (LSU defeated Clemson for the national title last season). A five-star recruit in the 2018 class, he threw 30 touchdown passes for the Tigers as a freshman in 2018, leading them to a national title. After a slow start into the second year of 2019 – he threw five picks in his first three games – Lawrence finished a tear and led Clemson to a 14-1 season while throwing 36 touchdown passes. He came up as a favorite this season to come first in the 2021 draft, although it does no lock that he will enter the draft. He has Take part in Seniors’ Day celebrations at Clemson, however.



Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence gets into his pocket and hurls an arrow at E.J. Williams going the distance for a 33 yard touchdown.

Outside the field, tall, long-haired QB was the face of the “Let’s Play” movement this summer. Campaign for a college football season in 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic. Ultimately, his wish was granted and Lawrence led Clemson to a 10-1 season. His only loss came with Lawrence on the sidelines – him tested positive for COVID-19 In late October and went 35 days between starts, two games were missed. But when he came back, he picked up exactly where he left off, throwing a win over Pittsburgh for more than 400 yards.

“I’ve learned a lot about myself and who I want to be, and I’ve become a better person through this whole process.” Lawrence said earlier this month. “But I want it to end well in terms of football and for me to be able to play for a championship. That was the goal all along.”

His next challenge is on deck: can Lawrence win another national championship and take his victories to an NFL team in need?

Statistics for 2020: 2,753 overtaking places, 69.2% completion rate, 22 touchdowns and four interceptions in nine games (plus 211 rushing yards and seven TDs)

Ranking lists: Kipers QB1 (No. 1) | McShays QB1 (No. 1)

What’s next: Lawrence had a big day in the ACC championship game – a 31-10 win over Notre Dame – Throw 322 yards, rush another 90, and do three touchdowns. Now Clemson is rolling into a meeting with Ohio State in the Allstate Sugar Bowl (8:45 p.m. ET, Jan. 1, on ESPN) as one of four college football playoff teams. If it wins, the national title game against Alabama or Notre Dame will take place on January 11th.

Year: Junior | Age: 21 | Career begins: 20th
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 228

If you hit 51 touchdowns in your first season as a starter, you’re going to get some attention. And Fields largely caught attention in his sophomore year at the center of the Buckeyes.

Growing up in Georgia, Fields was a standout player on the soccer field – a five-star recruit who ranked # 1 in 2018 ESPN 300before Lawrence – and the baseball diamond, a midfielder with maybe an MLB head. But Fields chose football Commitment to Penn State first before changing his mind and going to Georgia. His final high school season was in season 2 of Netflix’s “QB1: Beyond the Lights”. He spent a season in Georgia behind it Jake Fromm before moving to the state of Ohio before the 2019 season. He was immediate eligibility granted. In a statement, Fields said, “I don’t regret my time at UGA and have no harsh feelings about school or the football program.”

He made an immediate impression in the state of Ohio and became only the third Buckeyes QB in the past 50 years to win each of his first 13 starts. He became the first Big Ten player to have more than 40 touchdowns and more than 10 touchdowns in the same season. As a Heisman finalist, he led the state of Ohio to the college football playoff, but it did lost 29-23 to Clemson in the semifinals. It is his only loss in the state of Ohio.



Ohio state QB Justin Fields breaks free for a 44 yard run down arming a defender with stiff arms as he is removed from the game.

In August, while other conferences were preparing to begin their season, Fields set up a petition With the request for the Big Ten, the 2020 season will resume immediately. The Buckeyes started playing in October, and Fields had only eleven imperfections in three games. During this period he had 11 touchdown passes. Now 6-0, the Buckeyes are prepared for another title that runs behind Fields’ outstanding 89.5 Total QBR.

Fields’ downfield accuracy and ability to create pressurized games make him one of the best quarterbacks in the class, despite throwing five picks in the Ohio state’s two toughest games this season, which led to questions. With a win over Lawrence and Clemson next week, Fields could have two more chances to show NFL scouts that he belongs on the # 1 selection discussion.

Statistics for 2020: 1,521 passes, 72.6% completion rate, 15 touchdowns and five interceptions in six games (plus 274 rushing yards and five TDs)

Ranking lists: Kipers QB2 (No. 3) | McShays QB2 (No. 2)

What’s next: Ohio State is 3-seeded in the College Football Playoffs and will face Clemson at the Allstate Sugar Bowl on New Years Day in a showdown between the top two quarterback candidates in the draft. A win there would give the Buckeyes a shot at the national title 10 days later. The deadline for declaring the NFL draft has not been set. This would be the next date for the Ohio state quarterback.

Year: Junior | Age: 21 | Career begins: 27
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 210

Wilson got his first scholarship offer 2015 from Weber State – He was a “thin little noodle,” said a former assistant – and got involved in Boise State two years later. However, a late offer from BYU gave him something Boise couldn’t: Playing college ball near his family. Wilson, one of six children, was raised in Draper, Utah, in a family of Utah Utes Fans, but the opportunity to see his family regularly throughout his studies made him change his loyalty. His father Mike served as his private quarterbacks trainer during high school, helping him hit big numbers both in the air and on the ground at Corner Canyon High School.

Wilson became the Cougars’ youngest starting QB at 19 years and 2 months when he took over for her against Hawaii in 2018This corresponds to four touchdowns in the event of a win. Wilson brought BYU to Famous Idaho potato peel That season he went for 317 yards and four touchdowns in another 18v18 win. But his second season saw mediocre numbers (11 touchdown passes, nine picks) and a six-week absence in the middle of the campaign with a broken thumb.

The The 2020 season was magical for WilsonHowever, when he rose to compete for a top 10 pick. The Cougars went 10-1 in the regular season and Wilson had a total of 43 touchdowns with just three interceptions. He ranked among the top 5 qualified passers-by nationally in yards (3,692), yards per attempt (10.8), and completion percentage (73.2%). He could become the first BYU quarterback selected in the first round since Steve Young in 1984. Wilson finished the season with 425 yards and five touchdowns in the Cougars’ blowout win over UCF in the Boca Raton Bowl.

Statistics for 2020: 3,267 overtaking places, 73.2% completion rate, 30 touchdowns and three interceptions (plus 242 rushing yards and eight TDs)

Ranking lists: Kipers QB3 (No. 14) | McShays QB4 (No. 15)

What’s next: With his bowl game behind him, Wilson has a choice to make. If he signs up for the draft now, the preliminary draft process for one of the biggest movers to date would start this year.

Year: Third year in the second year | Age: 20 | Career begins: 17th
Height: 6-4 | Weight: 226

Lance may have only played one game in 2020 (the bison, who opted for a spring season amid pandemic concerns, only planned one game against Central Arkansas in the fall), but set an NCAA record for most passes in 2019 thrown on in a non-stop season and became the first freshman to Win the Walter Payton Award for the most outstanding offensive player in the FCS. And to think that he was almost no quarterback.

Lance grew up in running back until he moved to QB and led a Wing-T offensive at Marshall High School in Minnesota. He learned to play the position by working with his father, former CFL cornerback Carlton Lance, in the family’s backyard. Most of his Power 5 deals were wide receiver or defensive back, but Lance ended up in the state of North Dakota Carson Wentz and Easton Stick under the middle for the bison.



Trey Lance fakes a handover and then throws to Hunter Luepke for a 23 yard score, giving North Dakota State a 32-28 lead.

In his only full season as a starter, Lance threw 2,786 yards and 28 touchdowns, adding an additional 1,100 yards and 14 points on the ground. He has never lost a college game and led the bison to an FCS championship in 2019. On his solitary start in 2020, he went for 149 yards, two touchdowns and an interception 15 of 30. And again he was effective on the ground, rushing for 143 yards and two extra points.

Will the experience flow into the design position? Lance has never dealt with any FBS team during his college career, and he has only had 17 career starts. According to ESPN Stats & Information Research, six quarterbacks were taken in the first round with fewer than 20 college starts since 2006. This list is mixed: Mitchell Trubisky, 13, Cam Newton (14), Dwayne Haskins Jr. (14), Mark Sanchez (16), Kyler Murray (17) and Ryan Tannehill (19). Lance will be 20 when drafted and he will likely be the first player to be drafted into the NFL and born in 2000.

Ranking lists: Kipers QB5 (No. 16) | McShays QB3 (No. 12)

What’s next: Lance has already decided to forego his spring season in the state of North Dakota and Enter the design. With only one game this year, next year’s NFL combine will be as important as a potential pro day for scouts to take a closer look at.

Year: Fourth year junior | Age: 22 | Career begins: 15th
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 214

Growing up in Florida, Jones played Pop Warner, adored Tim Tebow, and even had it a time as a child model in several commercials and ads. A four-star recruit to the Bolles School, he moved to Alabama in 2017 after originally choosing Kentucky. He redshirted before serving at Tua Tagovailoa‘s backup over two seasons – but replaced Tagovailoa twice in 2019 as the starter of the Crimson Tide due to injuries.

Although he garnered national attention as the Alabama’s quarterback, Jones didn’t kick off the 2020 season with much draft hype. He wasn’t even a suspension to stick with his starting role with a five-star freshman Bryce Young also on the way to Tuscaloosa. But after stacking elite numbers en route to an 11-0 record, he’s in the middle of round 1. Kiper and McShay debated Jones’ status in NovemberKiper noticed Jones’ skill in downfield throws. Jones has four games with more than 400 yards and six with at least four touchdowns this season. He hit these two brands in one on Saturday Shootout win against Florida in the SEC championship game.

Jones has only started 15 games for the Crimson Tide, so it is possible that he could return for another season to try to become the QB’s number 1 in the 2022 class.

Statistics for 2020: 3,739 overtaking spots, 76.5% completion rate, 32 touchdowns and four interceptions (plus a roaring TD)

Ranking lists: Kipers QB4 (No. 15) | McShays QB5 (No. 27)

What’s next: Will Alabama end its unbeaten season with a national championship? Two games stand in the way. The tide hits Notre Dame in the Rose Bowl game presented by Capital One on Jan. 1 (4:00 p.m. ET, ESPN) ahead of a possible trip to the title game. Will Jones declare for the draft? We’ll know more when Alabama’s season ends.

Year: Fifth senior | Age: 22 | Career begins: 21st
Height: 6-5 | Weight: 240

It’s been a long road for Trask, but his 2020 breakout season rightly puts him in this group of high-end quarterbacks in this class. First he I didn’t even start for a high school team after his first year. Why? Former Houston Cougars and current Miami Hurricanes Signal caller D’Eriq King also attended Manvel High School in Texas. Then Trask went to Florida and didn’t see much action; He redshirted in 2016 and then rode on the bench two seasons later Feleipe Frankswho is also in this class. After Franks was injured in 2019, Trask went inside and threw for 2,941 yards, 25 points and seven interceptions. He kept the job while Franks moved to Arkansas.

Trask has taken his game to a new level this season. He set the Florida record for most touchdowns in a season (43) and became the first FBS player in 15 seasons (and only one in SEC history) to throw at least three in nine consecutive games. He has made it in 10 out of 11 games this season. Trask could be a Finalist for the Heisman Trophy.



Kyle Trask goes to Florida and throws five touchdowns against Arkansas in the first half.

Statistics for 2020: 4,125 overtaking spots, 69.7% completion rate, 43 touchdowns and five interceptions (plus three rushing TDs)

Ranking lists: Kipers QB6 | McShays QB6

What’s next: It will be that Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic to end the Gators’ 8-3 season. The meeting with Oklahoma on December 30th (8 p.m. ET, ESPN) will be Trask’s last college game. After accepting an invitation to the Senior Bowl, he will have another opportunity to stand up for the first round next April. Senior Bowl Activities will take place in Mobile, Alabama, the last week of January.

The best of the rest

These are the other designable quarterbacks in the 2021 class, and anyone can step up during the pre-design process (listed alphabetically):

Ian Book, Notre Dame Fighting Irish:: Book is 30-4 in his career as a starter at Notre Dame, and he’s thrown 49 touchdown passes on just eight interceptions in the past two seasons. At 6 feet, Book is too small, but Kiper ranks him No. 9 QB in this class. You can see him against Alabama in the next Rose Bowl game presented by Capital One on Jan. 1 (4 p.m. ET, ESPN). The book will also be in the Senior Bowl.

Sam Ehlinger, Texas Longhorns:: Ehlinger has thrown 11,019 yards since 2017 and carried out 126 touchdowns (93 passes, 33 rushings) over 42 starts in Texas. His dual threat ability could be enticing to an NFL team. Kiper and McShay both rate him as QB No. 10 in this class. Ehlinger and the Longhorns play in the Colorado Valero Alamo bowl on December 29 (9 p.m. ET, ESPN). Ehlinger will also be in the Senior Bowl.

Feleipe Franks, Arkansas Razorbacks:: A transfer from Florida, Franks broke an ankle in September 2019 and lost his starting job Kyle Trask. He completed 68.5% of his passes with 17 touchdowns and four picks in his solitary season in Arkansas. At 6-foot-6,230 pounds, Franks has an NFL-ready framework and fascinating skills, and Kiper thinks he’ll likely be a choice for Day 3. The Razorbacks play TCU in the Mercari Texas Bowl on December 31st (8 p.m. ET, ESPN).

Ladles moon, Texas A&M Aggies:: Moon won 30 games as a starter for the Aggies, followed by Corey Pullig, 33, for the most quarterback victories in Texas A&M history. His accuracy was a season-going issue, but he graduated 63.5 % of his passes and threw only three interceptions as a senior. McShay rates him as the seventh best QB in this class. The next thing for A&M is that Capital One Orange Bowl on Jan. 2 (8 p.m. ET, ESPN), and he’ll be in the Senior Bowl as well.

Jamie Newman, Georgia Bulldogs:: After 26 touchdown passes and 11 interceptions in the Wake Forest in 2019, Newman threw came to Georgia as a graduate transfer. Before the start of the season, however, Newman deregistered due to COVID-19 concernsSo he didn’t play for the Bulldogs. The 6-foot-4 Newman is another caller who will be in the Senior Bowl next month.

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