Snyder: WFT minority owner trying to blackmail me

Washington soccer team Owner Dan Snyder said he was the victim of blackmail campaigns by a minority owner of the franchise, a Maryland court said on Wednesday.

Snyder made the filing the day after the Washington Post further details of a $ 1.6 million billing paid by the franchise to a former employee on charges of sexual misconduct in 2009.

Snyder’s filing in the US District Court in southern Maryland said one of the team’s minority partners, Dwight Schar, tried to force him to sell the franchise.

“I firmly believe that the plaintiffs’ motion and supplementary filing, as well as the news articles they produced, are the latest efforts to blackmail me,” the filing states.

The New York Times reported on the deal last weekend. On Tuesday, the Washington Post reported that it had received a copy of the agreement and, citing an anonymous source, said it was due to an incident on Snyder’s plane when she was returning from the Academy of Country Music Awards in Las Vegas.

In Snyder’s filing on Wednesday, he said, “The Post’s article contains several quotations from the filing which, given the plaintiffs ‘position and status, wrongly create the misleading impression that the allegations of wrongdoing were well founded. The plaintiffs’ purpose, theirs Addition to Filing Filing is now clear: trying to keep smearing me in order to leverage this business dispute. “

The New York Times reported on Sunday that two investigations in 2009 – by the team and an outside law firm – failed to substantiate the former employee’s allegation. The newspaper reported that Snyder paid the sum to avoid negative advertising. Even in the settlement, Snyder did not admit any wrongdoing or anyone else.

Snyder’s filling claims that no evidence of wrongdoing was found after an investigation by a law firm.

“The plaintiff Schar threatened to discredit me and to embarrass my family, which the insurance company had decided to regulate,” said Snyder according to the file.

In two stories this summer, the Post reported that a total of 40 women reported having been sexually molested while working for the franchise. The newspaper also reported that there were “lewd videos made by the team from footage of cheerleading calendar shoots in 2008 and 2010”. Snyder said he didn’t know about these videos.

The stories coincide with Snyder’s three minority partners, Schar, Fred Smith and Bob Rothman, who wanted to sell their shares. Together they own 40% of the team. Snyder has reportedly offered to buy the shares for $ 900 million. Washington’s franchise is valued at $ 3.5 billion, according to Forbes. If the team were sold, 40% would be worth $ 1.4 billion.

The NFL is conducting an independent investigation into the allegations in the Post articles. On Tuesday, former US attorney general Loretta Lynch joined the investigation, focusing on Schar’s alleged role in providing information.

Snyder has claimed in previous filings that Schar was behind some of the negative information that was included in articles. On Wednesday, his file said, “Dwight Schar has forwarded information about me and the team to Mary Ellen Blair, a former assistant to the team’s management that is to be made available to the Washington Post.”

According to Snyder, Blair made a statement that Schar told her to share information with the Washington Post. Snyder’s filing alleged that Schar’s daughter bought Blair a “burner phone” in order to “avoid detection of Mr. Schar’s conspiratorial communications.” He quoted “numerous calls” from that phone to Schar’s cell number.

Snyder said there had been repeated threats from Schar and others related to him over the past five months. Snyder said Schar threatened “my personal lawyer” in a conversation on July 25.

Snyder alleged that Schar told his attorney that if he didn’t sell the team, information would come out and that the story “will kill Dan”.

Text by minority investment banker John Moag hinted at what could come of this if Snyder doesn’t cooperate: “And you know it has nothing to do with the media … it’s the more serious —. If you have one s — show, we are there for that too. “

Moag has confirmed to other sales outlets that the text was correct.

On January 7, US District Judge Peter Messitte will hold a virtual hearing on both sides, alleging that the other side is passing information to the media. According to the Post, Snyder, Schar, Rothman and Smith all have to show up.

Snyder denied in his filing that he was the source of confidential information.

“I fight on multiple fronts for interests that are beyond me, including the team I love and my family,” Snyder said on the file, “and can swear to this court that the allegations I make are wrong Information leaked. ” The press is wrong. “

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