What we look forward to in 2021

Usually at this time of year most of us are busy figuring out New Year’s resolutions (which we are unlikely to keep past the first week of January). But as everyone knows, 2020 was not a normal year and this is not a normal New Year’s Eve.

Instead of resolutions, this could be a time to ponder what to look forward to in 2021. Some of these ideas may be more wishful than others. (It really remains to be seen whether concert halls and Broadway theaters can reopen in the next 12 months.) However, with several vaccines already in production for mass distribution and outdoors, 2021 offers far more opportunity than last year.

Here is a list of the submissions from Capital’s editing of what we look forward to (or hope to do) most in 2021.

Goodbye, 2020. Hello, 2021.
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I sit here every day hoping and wishing for my return to the Amalfi Coast. I know it’s easy, but I miss it so much. – –Scott DeCarlo, list editor

At birth, there is a concept called “kangaroo care” which lowers infant mortality and strengthens the bond between mother and child. The key is skin-to-skin contact. I think adults need kangaroo care too and I genuinely look forward to hugs and handshakes. – –Robert Hackett, senior writer

I’m really looking forward to the return of spontaneity. Everything takes so much planning during the pandemic. I can’t wait to run out of my front door without a mask to meet a friend again at the last minute. I really miss that. – –McKenna Moore, associate editor, audience engagement

I really miss random work events and crazy press parties and the resulting conversations with strangers that I would otherwise never interact with. (Somehow zoom-bombing isn’t quite the same.) Some others from my wish-list: get on a plane and go somewhere, somewhere new; Shopping for new, non-athletic clothing; and stay at home with a good book or watch Netflix because it is a choice, not the only safe option. – –Maria Aspan, senior writer

Cant wait to see live music again. It’s magical when musicians come together in a room to perform in front of other people. The world is worse without her. – –Andrew Nusca, digital editor

In 2021, I will NEVER miss the opportunity to see live music in a crowd of other people who love them too. – –Matthew Heimer, managing editor

I’m really looking forward to returning from big outdoor shows like the Def Leppard / Mötley Crüe Tour. I look forward to the return of great personal marathons like Boston and New York. I’m really looking forward to visiting Canada without quarantining at a motel near the border. – –Phil Wahba, senior writer

Sports! Cant wait to have a hot dog and beer at a ball game. – –Rey Mashayekhi, reporter

Sure, not being able to safely go to the gym is a bummer, but group yoga – especially the hot indoor yoga – has been an even bigger loss for some of us. My first stop after COVID is under control will be a small, sealed room where me and 20 strangers do glorified push-ups while bathing in delirious heat, pseudo-spiritual chatter, and sweating. It will be lovely. – –David Z. Morris, technical writer

Enough rain and snow so that California doesn’t burn again. The fact that the streets of the city were closed to cars during the pandemic to create more open space will be permanently closed. I’m not talking about COVID. – –Verne Kopytoff, managing editor

In Rome an apartment with one Terrazzo (Terrace) is the key. I huddled on many a narrow Roman balcony to dine with friends and clinked my wine glasses as the sun went down another day. The setting can turn even the most humble homemade meal into a decadent Italian affair. I long for the return of Roman dinner parties. This is where I get my best story ideas – some even publishable.

And that’s a long shot, but maybe the ski gods will hear my plea. For years I have been planning to ride the famous Sellaronda with my daughters, a 40-kilometer route that circles the breathtaking Sella massif in the Italian Alps. The tour from village to village takes the whole day. Halfway through is the stunning little gem of Arabba, where you will find a little sanctuary that serves a mean Bombardino and thick hot chocolates. 2021 should be our first skiing together. – –Bernhard Warner, managing editor

I look forward to (hopefully!) Spending less time removing logistical challenges, nuances, and errors [in regard to] COVID but I am optimistic that the Crash Course Society has taken into account the complex implications of this unforeseen virus which will result in people communicating better about future issues that affect us together.

I also look forward to feeling relieved of a vague sense of fear. While there are many issues in the world that we are concerned about and need to address outside of COVID (or that are now being exacerbated by COVID), before March I was able to get the idea that we as a society were heading towards some sort of breakpoint , never shake [or] Come to Jesus who would force us to reflect on our priorities and paths. It will be a relief to be on the other side at a moment like this, but until then I really can’t predict which aspects of my previous lifestyle I will revisit and which will drop. – –Lydia Belanger, production editor

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