Bronze figures explore movement and the body in sculptures by Coderch & Malavia

If you

To dance


January 5, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Clio’s Dream” (2020), bronze and blue patina. All images © Coderch & Malavia, shared with permission

In the middle of Coderch & MalaviaThe artistic practice is the beauty of the human figure and its various forms of expression. The Valencia-based duo work together to cast bronze sculptures that explore the nuances of the body through dance-like movements and vivid gestures. Natural details such as golden twigs and feathered wings embellish many of the heavily patinated works by Coderch & Malavia to highlight themes from classical literature, theater, photography, cinema and ballet. “Man is three-dimensional,” they say. “That’s probably the main reason we’re interested in sculpture. It’s the closest artistic representation of us. “

After discussing the intentions for a new project, the couple generally work with a live model to give shape to the sculpture. “The tricky part is organizing and sharing the physical creation of work yourself because you need double discipline,” they say. “You have to learn to trust your partner and be able to share your ideas and work with them and most importantly, you have to put your ego aside to stay the same and be committed to the bottom line.”

Get an insight into the Coderch & Malavia process your website and Instagramwhere you can also follow their upcoming exhibitions.

Detail from “Clio’s Dream” (2020), bronze and blue patina

Detail from “Haiku” (2019), bronze

Detail from “Haiku” (2019), bronze

“Moonlight Shadow” (2019), bronze, 80 centimeters

“Odette” (2018), bronze, 68 centimeters

Detail from “Moonlight Shadow” (2019), bronze, 80 centimeters

Detail from “Odette” (2018), bronze, 68 centimeters

“Haiku” (2019), bronze


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