Interview: Photographer Jem Cresswell talks about the intimacy and humility of documenting humpback whales

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January 11, 2021

Anna Marks

All images © Jem Cresswell, shared with permission

A photographer from Sydney for years Jem Cresswell (previously) has dived into the ocean to document the otherwise invisible life of humpback whales, a humbling experience he shares the last interview supported by Colossal members. He discusses what attracted him to the topic of mammals and how working with them over a long period of time has provided insight into their complex natures.

There is very little that you can control underwater – you are at the mercy of the elements and wildlife. You can’t force natural interaction with a wild animal, which makes it all the more rewarding when it all comes together.

in the this conversation, Contributor Anna Marks speaks to Cresswell about the pressures of working underwater, capturing the unique personalities of individual animals, and building relationships between species.

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