Discover Vermeer’s “Girl with a Pearl Earring” in incredible detail with an interactive 10 billion pixel panorama



#Art history

January 21, 2021

Grace Ebert

Last year researchers released Records from almost two years of analysis from Johannes Vermeer’s most famous work of art “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. While their results didn’t include the subject’s coveted identity, they showed that the gray background is actually a dark green curtain and that the figure has eyelashes that are only visible when magnified. Thanks to Emilien Leonhardt and Vincent Sabatier from Hirox EuropeWe can all study the intricacies of Vermeer’s elusive work and peer straight into the cracks with an interactive look 10 billion pixel panorama.

The duo began the undertaking of determining the surface condition of the cult piece after several restorations, measuring the distance between the broken pigments and explaining the artist’s technique. Leonhardt and Sabatier used a custom microscope to take 9,100 photos of the painting, which were then woven together into a giant panorama. It shows details down to 4.4 microns per pixel.

Go to Hirox Europe website to explore and observe the unbelievable subtleties of “Girl With a Pearl Earring” in 2D and 3D the video above for details on the technical aspects of capturing minute details. (about Peta Pixel)

#Art history

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