Lorna Simpson photographs Rihanna in an elegantly collaged collaboration for ESSENCE Magazine



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January 25, 2021

Grace Ebert

“From Earth & Heaven (Blue Cumulus)” (2020), ccollage and ink on paper. All images © Lorna Simpson, courtesy of the artist and Hauser & Wirth

An extraordinarily glamorous collaboration adorns the pages of BEING’S Edition January / February 2021. The print publication brought together renowned artists Lorna Simpson and pop icon and businesswoman Rihanna for a striking interpretation of modern beauty.

Within the From earth & sky Series are 12 collages and the cover picture showing Rihanna with light blue eyelids staring straight into the camera. A diamond collar hangs around her neck and she is adorned with a coarsely textured crystal crown taken from 19th century lithographs.

Many of the superimposed collages feature the Barbados-born singer framed in archive images, from star studded galactic hairstyles to bright watercolors. Others in the collection deviate from hairstyle transformations and instead position them against vintage backdrops, including a take of Rihanna wearing an ornately feathered headdress and lingerie in front of the city skyline.

Simpson from Brooklyn is known for her kaleidoscopic collages the focus is on black women who pull pictures from previous editions of Ebony and jet, a treatment for which she is applying BEINGFirst order. The multi-layered works are paired with an essay by the artist’s daughter, actress and model Zora Simpson Casebere about Rihanna’s enduring influence on her own career. For more collages by Simpson blending contemporary culture and retro imagery, see her side. (about Artnet)

“Of Earth & Sky (Nebula)” (2020), collage on paper

“Of Earth & Sky (Cover)” (2020), collage on paper

“Earth & Sky # 24” (2016), collage on paper

“Of Earth & Sky (Bivalve)” (2020), collage on paper

“From earth & sky (moving planets)” (2020), collage on paper

“Of Earth & Sky (Bridge)” (2020), collage on paper

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