Nostalgic photographs by Ian Howorth frame the nuances and marginal moments of British life



#Great Britain

January 26, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Ian Howorth, shared with permission

Ian Howorth frames the coastal villages and rubble-laden roadsides that populate the United Kingdom with striking, nuanced photos taken on 35mm film. Howorth was born to a British father and a Peruvian mother, and often moved as a child before settling in the UK. Today his view of rural cities is idiosyncratic and vacillates between the knowledge of an insider and someone who is just passing through. His mostly cinematic shots of abandoned vans, ashtrays outside, and residents on the street are nostalgic and show a distinct sense of place, although the Brighton-based photographer is careful about sharing exact locations.

In recent years Howorth has turned to capturing “moments in between – a rest stop, a chance encounter en route to another location.” an Instagram post about his now sold out collection In passing. Some prints from this wide collection are still available at Open the door gallery, where you can also explore an extensive archive of his work. (about This is not luck)

#Great Britain

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