Map: 4 states reached more than 10% of their population with the vaccine

Despite the continued spread of more contagious coronavirus variants across the country, the past week brought a lot of news for the pandemic: a sharp drop in new cases; favorable data on the effectiveness and performance of three additional vaccines that could accelerate the US rollout (Johnson & Johnson, Novavax, and AstraZeneca); and the fact that another 2.5 million Americans have received at least one dose of vaccine for COVID-19.

As of Tuesday, February 2, 8.2% of the US population, or 27.2 million people, had received at least one shot, up from 24.7 million, according to the Centers for Disease Control Last week. Another 6.4 million people had received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. Of the 55.9 million cans of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines distributed in the US were given approximately 61%.

Regarding the status of the COVID vaccination campaign, the picture is increasingly mixed across states. Alaska remains ahead with 13.4% of its population who received at least one dose of the vaccine, the largest percentage in the nation. This equates to approximately 126,000 doses administered, but this is much fewer than in more populous countries. (3.7 million doses were given in California and 2.7 million in Texas.) West Virginia, New Mexico and Connecticut have also reached more than 10% of their populations with the vaccine. In week two, Idaho lags the rest of the country in percentage of people vaccinated, with only 6% of residents receiving at least one dose.

While the steadily growing number of Americans vaccinated can be seen as an advancement in the fight against COVID, the past week has also brought more evidence that the introduction so far reflects differences im having access to health care and outcomes that have Are defined The pandemic in America: Even though color populations have caused a disproportionate number of cases and deaths due to COVID, an excess of available vaccines seem to be going to wealthy, white people.


State or territory Share vaccinated
Alabama 6.6%
Alaska 13.4%
Arizona 7.6%
Arkansas 8.5%
California 7.7%
Colorado 8.2%
Connecticut 10.3%
Delaware 9.1%
District of Columbia 9.2%
Florida 8.2%
Georgia 7.7%
Hawaii 8.2%
Idaho 6.0%
Illinois 6.8%
Indiana 7.7%
Iowa 6.3%
Kansas 6.6%
Kentucky 8.1%
Louisiana 8.3%
Maine 8.2%
Maryland 7.5%
Massachusetts 7.2%
Michigan 8.2%
Minnesota 7.6%
Mississippi 7.5%
Missouri 6.1%
Montana 7.8%
Nebraska 7.2%
Nevada 7.7%
New Hampshire 7.7%
New Jersey 7.9%
New Mexico 10.4%
new York 8.0%
North Carolina 8.2%
North Dakota 9.5%
Ohio 7.6%
Oklahoma 9.4%
Oregon 8.6%
Pennsylvania 7.2%
Rhode Island 7.0%
South carolina 7.6%
South Dakota 8.9%
Tennessee 6.8%
Texas 7.2%
Utah 7.7%
Vermont 8.9%
Virginia 8.9%
Washington 8.1%
West Virginia 10.9%
Wisconsin 7.9%
Wyoming 8.5%

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