Dozens of contemporary artists work with puzzles to create limited edition puzzles

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February 5, 2021

Grace Ebert

“My soul is not for sale” by Nicole Rafiki

The team at A puzzle with a purpose launched a multi-faceted initiative last fall that directly supports artists and charities around the world, providing the rest of us with the much-needed distraction. Type X puzzles more than 80 motifs commissioned – the list contains Louise Lawler, Nicole Rafiki, Spencer Tunick (previously), and Pixy Liao– with the production of a unique work for a limited edition puzzle and the selection of a social justice organization or COVID aid to share the proceeds with. The paper, wood or magnet puzzles vary in size and difficulty and are accompanied by an engraved USB drive with an authentication certificate, the original image and information about the artist. We have compiled some of our favorite works below. However, you can shop the entire collection on Puzzle with Purpose’s website.

“What’s cooler than being cool?” by Mario Moore

“Big Color” by Spencer Tunick

“Rendetore # 16” from Alessandro Belgiojoso

“Things We Talk About” by Pixy Liao

“Woman with a goat and a surgical mask” by Kharis Kennedy

# Games

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