Crackling, billowing bed linen disguise miniature ghosts by the ceramicist Lisa Agnetun

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February 11, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Lisa Agnetun, shared with permission

Adorable, malicious and undeniably spirited, the porcelain represents that Lisa Agnetun Sculptures breathe new life into the simple silhouette of the bed sheet, which we have long associated with ghosts. The ghosts are full of personality and energy, and feature asymmetrical eye holes and fabrics that clump together as feet. “They are dead souls and I think it is a challenge to bring them to life. It also gives me great joy and even hope to make this strong symbol of death into something playful and not at all scary,” writes Agnetun.

Made from a variety of clays, the pieces are wheel tossed and then hand sculpted to add final details. Each receives a thick layer of matte, shiny, or cracked glaze, with some receiving a final wax treatment or ink wash after firing.

Although the ceramist based in Gothenburg, Sweden, has been making the tiny apparitions for years to give to friends and family, she only started selling them about six months ago. They are part of her ceramic practice, which includes tea sets, LED lamps, vases, and other sculptural objects. “Every time I open my oven, I want to find exciting new things that I haven’t seen before,” she says. “The ghosts are the only parts that really stay with me. They are all unique and evolve along with my other work so I can’t get bored. “

Agnetun resells the playful creatures, which range from the size of a fingertip to a few inches in size Etsy. In the coming months, she plans to create some glass sculptures, triple vases, and a new tumbler for you to all follow along with more ghosts Instagram.


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