OneClock: A modern version of the analog alarm never plays the same melody twice

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February 16, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © OneClock

Say goodbye to the days when the alarm on your iPhone woke you up. The creative team at OneClock designed a streamlined device with the intent of waking people up in a more peaceful way, one with soothing melodies that contrast starkly with the surprising noises many of us hear every morning.

The analog alarm is minimally aesthetic and features more than 20 instrumental and vocal compositions created by musicians Jon Natchez, a Grammy-winning artist best known for his work on The War on Drugs. Each of the sequences focuses on the tones, tempos, and frequencies that are most likely to wake even the most dazed sleeper. When it is time to get up, the melodies gradually swell in volume. An AI music generator remixes a new composition every morning to avoid alarm fatigue, which means it never plays the same tune twice. OneClock doesn’t allow sleep either, but plays music for about 20 minutes, which gives drowsy people a little more time.

While it is likely to be difficult to find someone who would agree with OneClock that “Sleep is good but wake up is better,” the project is already fully secured Kickstarter only more than two weeks. The retro low-tech design with integrated night light is currently available in four colors and has a white oak front. Follow the updates for the official launch on Instagram and his website. (over swissmiss)


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