Write for Rights: An illustrated campaign for Amnesty International aims to free people in custody

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#Human rights
#social justice

February 17, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Writing carries her voice” (2020). All images © Amnesty International, shared with permission

A new campaign for Amnesty International exemplifies the power of the pencil in a moving series of illustrations from the Bristol-based company Owen Gent. Under the direction of the creative agency Cossettethe initiative was designed for Write for rights, an annual effort to free people around the world who are wrongly imprisoned. It has been shown to be extremely effective over the past two decades, achieving a 75 percent success rate after 127 people were released.

Set against bold backdrops, Ghent’s illustrations each use an oversized pencil to represent a spotlight, camera flash, the boat’s trail, and the sound of a megaphone depicting the problems facing this year’s targets – read more on Melike Balkan, Özgür Gür, El Hiblu 3, Khaled Drareni and Nassima al-Sada continue Amnesty International website. The poignant depictions serve “as a reminder that even the smallest gesture can have a big impact – it can change lives,” says Cossette.

Write for rights is the world’s largest human rights event, sending millions of letters around the globe every year. Find out more about this year’s effort and how you can get involved the organization’s website.

“Writing defends freedom of the press” (2020)

“Writing frees the innocent” (2020)

“Writing saves refugees” (2020)

#Human rights
#social justice

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