Distorted limbs and bodies disrupt the mundane in Cristina Coral’s surreal photographs

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February 18, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Cristina Coral, shared with permission

photographer Cristina Coral has an eye for subtle changes that turn seemingly ordinary scenes into surreal images full of illusions. The conceptual photographs often focus on a lonely woman and are based on texture, patterns, and the characters’ distorted poses. A limp hand protrudes from a bush, strawberry locks hang over a brocade couch, and a teacup balances precariously on two feet.

Coral, who lives in Italy but travels frequently to Germany and Slovenia, is currently working on a project based on memory and forgetting. The mixed media works, some of which she shared InstagramMerge photos and textiles so that parts of the original image can see through.

When in Paris, Coral’s cleverly composed works will be shown in a group exhibition at Decorative Arts Museum this summer. Until then, take a virtual tour of the Sony World Photography Awards exhibitionwhich includes some of Coral’s pieces and explore hundreds of her photographs on her side.


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