A rare yellow penguin was first photographed on an island in South Georgia

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February 22, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Yves Adams / Kennedy News, shared with permission

On a trip to a small island in South Georgia in December 2019, Yves Adams discovered an unusually bright creature rocking through a sea of ​​120,000 king penguins. While most flightless birds wore their typical tuxedo suits, one with yellow feathers and cream feet was walking around.

Frequently documenting landscapes and wildlife around the world, Adams is believed to be the first photographer to capture pictures of the rare penguin he spotted unloading food and safety equipment. “We all went crazy when we realized. We dropped all the safety equipment and packed our cameras, ”says the Belgian photographer. “We were so lucky that the bird landed exactly where we were. Our view was not blocked by a sea of ​​massive animals. Usually, all of these things make it almost impossible to move about on this beach. “

The atypical coloring is due to LeukismA condition that results in the loss of melanin, which gives the black feathers and feet a lighter shade. The researchers learned that in 2013 penguins yellow pigment is not obtained from food, but is chemically different from the other compounds that color their feathers. The bright feathers are used to attract partners.

See Adams’ footage of his expedition to the Atlantic, as well as others that cover a variety of locations including Greenland, the Galapagos Islands, and the Philippine Sea his side and Instagram. (over PetaPixel)

# birds

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