Rich color gradients flow through a luxurious set of chocolate bars with matching packaging




February 25, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images via Little MOTHERHOUSE

Whether a subtle change from lemon balm to mint or a more dramatic change from chestnut to beet chestnut brown, Little mother houseThe sweets have elegant color gradients that permeate both the bar and the packaging. The white chocolate treats are made from cocoa beans grown on a farm in Sulawesi, Indonesia, and then naturally colored with fruits, teas, and other foods. Their luxurious aesthetic goes perfectly with flavors as luscious as black pepper yuzu, matcha raspberry, and cassis brandy, all of which coincide with one of Japan’s four seasons. Take a single bar or try all 12 more realistically by going to Designer shop. (over Presenting & correcting)

Matcha x raspberry

Black pepper x yuzu

Blueberry x ginger


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