Obscure bouquets of frosted glass in a photo series about ambiguity




February 26, 2021

Grace Ebert

All pictures © Studio Lernert & Sander

Radiate elegance and darkness, Foggy Flowers is a series with two photographs by Sander Plug and Lernert Engelberts that focuses on our collective future prospects through a blurring of frosted glass. The duo that works under Studio Lernert & Sanderdiscovered the delicate footage from her archive – the images were taken in 2018 during a one-week period during which they continuously worked on various projects – in May 2020 for Volkskrant magazineasking them to embody their creative process during the lockdown.

They didn’t want to “jump in at how creative we are during this lockdown train,” says Plug, and despite its anachronistic context, the two-year-old series fit into the studio’s perspective. “When I look back, I see that the blurry and fuzzy flowers are about ambiguities,” he writes. “It symbolizes how we looked to the future back then and how everyone sees the future today. There is no point in worrying because no one can say how things are going to play out now. “

Amsterdam-based Plug and Engelberts have been working together for about a decade, developing a variety of commercial photography and film projects. Some limited C-prints of the blurred bouquets are still available on your websiteand go to Instagram to discover more of their work, which ranges from documentaries to animal portraits to installations with cubed cheese. (over Iain Claridge)


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