Countless starlings gather in a wondrous, bird-shaped murmur over Lough Ennell



# birds

March 4, 2021

Christopher Jobson

Image © James Crombie, licensed for use

After months of hunting starlings alongside his colleague Colin Hogg, Photographer from Dublin James Crombie took a phenomenal shot of the herd as it swelled into a giant bird-like murmur. Hogg recorded the impressive experience in a short clip this shows how the winged formation takes shape and floats above it Lough Ennell, a lake near Mullingar in Central Ireland.

Crombie is known for his sports photography and was named last week Press Photographer of the Year to the his shot of a fan sitting on a ladder watching the semi-finals between St. Brigid’s and Boyle from the edge of a cemetery. Follow Crombie’s work as it takes him to soccer fields, idyllic landscapes, and secluded swamps Instagram. You might enjoy it too that series Document marbles over Danish wetlands.

# birds

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