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Cover picture by Patty Carroll

We are happy to publish Create! magazineIssue No. 24, partly curated by our editor-in-chief, Christopher Jobson. Colossal readers may recognize some of the artists and photographers featured in the Winter Edition, including Patty Carroll ((previously), Greg Olijnyk ((previously), and Rose Sanderson ((previously), Next Bryane BroadieThe digital collages full of colorful patterns and ethereal, illustrated portraits of Holtegaard line.

In 2013, Ekaterina Popova founded Create !, which now has an international audience of more than 170,000 readers from the fields of digital, print and hosts a podcast with contemporary artists, curators and entrepreneurs. Get a copy of issue # 24 in the Create! business, Where Colossal members Always get a 20 percent discount.

By Bryane Broadie

By Hine Mizushima

With the Holtegaard line

From Cara Guri

By Dylan Gebbia-Richards. Photo courtesy Stephen Ironside

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