Dozens of photographs combine racial justice and the symbolism of flowers in an exhibition by The Earth Issue



#social justice

March 12, 2021

Grace Ebert

Denisse Ariana Pérez (previously), “Boys and Water” (2019). All images courtesy of the artist / The Earth Issue, shared with permission

An online exhibition by The earth problem, an artist collective interested in the intersection of environmental activism and social justice, focuses on the symbolism and precarious nature of the flower. Plants, both a token of love and an offer of reparation, are often places of cultural contradiction, a theme that runs through dozens of photographs Strange flowers– The show is titled “Strange Fruit” based on Billie Holiday’s anti-lynch protest anthem.

“Beauty has fallen in its prime. Taken without consent, their stems torn from the earth, their connection to life severed, petals pulled and crushed underfoot. Just like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and countless other innocent victims of racial injustice and police violence, ”he says a statement about the extensive collection.

The Earth Issue sells prints of each of the works in his business Until April 11th, part of the proceeds will go to BIPOC communities. Check out some of Colossal’s favorites below and see all of the photos the website of the collective. (over Juxtapoz)

Emily Hlavac Green, “Bird in a Cage” (2020)

Chukwuka Nwobi, “Ore” (2018)

Chieska Fortune Smith, “Back” (2018)

Jesse Crankson, “I Can’t Breathe” (2018)

Joachim Müller-Ruchholtz, Marathonas, Greece (2019)

Left: Kay Ibrahim, “Flowerboy” (2018). Right: Kin Coedel, “Sky” (2016)

Tom Johnson, “Denis The Dancer”, Rio (2019)

#social justice

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