Benzema deserves a statue outside the Bernabeu – and a new contract

If the real Madrid from Sergio Ramos, Thibaut Courtois, Casemiro, Luka Modric and Toni Kroos won La Liga I wonder if, in 2020t, you could have named the guys who made the most appearances, most starts, and most minutes for Zinedine Zidane’s squad.

The clues are that it is a single player, he is out of contract in the summer of 2022, his agent says he wants to return “home”, that he has excitingly saved Madrid for each of the last two weekends and that he is possibly the most underrated, underrated footballer is the entire elite of European football. When we were growing up, our husband adored the Brazilian Ronaldo because he wanted to Be him. The hero of this story had an emotional affinity with Mike Tyson “because he and I fought our way up from nowhere,” and his name is Karim Benzema.

You probably knew that the 33-year-old Frenchman saved the Spanish champions twice in the past week thanks to a total of three goals scored from losing positions Atletico Madrid and MooseBut did you know that Benzema – neither Courtois nor Casemiro, Ramos, Modric or Kroos – was the one Zidane relied on the most in Madrid’s rise to third La Liga triumph in 12 years? Starts, appearances, minutes and goals, obviously nobody had more than Benzema.

These weeks Champions League Opponents who hit the Jack-in-the-Box side of Series A. Atalanta, will be aware that since Cristiano Ronaldo left Real Madrid for Italy in 2018 – and that’s worth mentioning Juventus I haven’t beat Atalanta in five games, with Ronaldo at the top. Benzema has played 131 games and scored 77 goals in all competitions. Even in these almost unprecedented days of strikers like Ronaldo and Lionel MessiBenzema’s stats have been world class since he took on the lead role as a striker in the pressured world political club.

Especially when you consider he’s now 33 and weigh the fact that Benzema was largely unsupported by a strike partner – someone who makes room for him relieves his shoulders of their own with 15 or 16 goals, someone who pegs the center-backs and plays with their thoughts, “What can I do to increase the likelihood that Karim will score a goal?” That is exactly what Benzema has done for Ronaldo in nine successful years.

I think cold black and white statistics dictate that alone Los Blancoswhen he finally returns Lyon (the club that still plucks at its heart), build a beautiful statue of this Rolls Royce footballer in the converted Estadio Santiago Bernabeu. But he is like that so much more than his statistics.

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If you either need to remember or convince, here are a few aides memoirs.

Take a look at the winner Benzema scored from the weekend, the shock and awe of the watching Atalanta scouts. Pound for pound, I think it could be the goal of the whole Spanish season.

Elche, one of La Liga’s basement clubs, have a good stake in the second half, are tied 1-1 and are sure to score their first point against Madrid in the Spanish capital since December 1975. The opportunity to drop points for this relegation candidate at home letting it convince the vast majority that Zidane’s side will be out of the running (possibly a 10-point deficit for Atletico if Madrid draw and Diego Simeone’s side win) to defend their side’s title.

In additional time and Rodrygo Heads the ball back to his French strike leader but it forces Benzema to break his stride because the service is behind him and outside the Elche penalty area. Madrid’s number 9 gyrate, barely seeming to think, snaps the ball at the young Brazilian’s position and he shoves it forward into a room just in front of Benzema. His shot is instant, vicious, perfectly placed, and downright beautiful to look at (unless you are Edgar Badia, Elche’s defiant and dismayed Catalan goalkeeper).

Goal of the season? Let me know your thoughts Check it out once you’re done with it.

I attribute Atleti’s later flop later that night not to some supernatural power Benzema possesses, but thanks to his goal and the unfortunate 0-0 draw of the league leaders GetafeA potential gap of 10 points became only six. Plus, Real Madrid have the head-to-head advantage that will give them the title if they’re right up there Los Colchoneros.

I think if I were forced to pick a favorite from the 269 goals through which Benzema paid back Madrid’s now ridiculously cheap investment of € 35million in 2009 when he signed Florentino Perez’s second presidential regime (after Ronaldo) for the fourth time . Kaka and Raul Albiol), then it would come from the winning run to her title win last summer.

Valencia were visitors to the Alfredo Di Stefano stadium on the Maddener Valdebebas training ground. It was only the second time Zidane’s runner-up team (chasing them) Barcelona) had played in their training complex without the crowds and Come on Che arrived to wage a football war – it was a head to toe game where no neighborhood was asked and nothing was given.

In the 2-0 after the first goal Benzema took Marco Asensio’s first pass from the right on the run. He flicked it up and over Valencia Hugo GuillamonI watched it fall back a little where he would have liked it and then, without breaking pace, produced nothing less exciting or powerful than an Exocet missile from the outside of his left shoe into the top right corner of Jasper Cillessens Gate. There was poetry to be seen.

There is no need to do more here than to note that with all of his heavenly football, Benzema is no angel. Over the years there has been Conversations with French and Spanish police about a number of questions. He is still excluded from service in the French national team, otherwise he likes – like Madrid’s team-mate Raphael Varane – would be a world champion supporter Les Bleus‘World Cup Triumph in Russia three years ago.

This is more of a guess than a certainty, but if Zidane succeeds Didier Deschamps in the role of France Coach after the European Championship this summer, how many suspect, would that mean a recall for Benzema?

“He’s like my big brother and always gives me support and advice,” Benzema recently told Icon magazine when describing Zidane. Not a bad relationship with your boss. An important one because in Madrid it wasn’t just bouquets of flowers and pats on his back for him.

“There will always be ups and downs in a career, but everyone has to face challenges in their lives,” is Benzema’s point of view. “My challenges are great, but I’m strong enough and mentally robust enough to deal with them. I’m not a quitter.”

In this Icon interview, he continued about his character, admitting, “It’s not true that nothing affects me. I have feelings like everyone else, but I never show my weaknesses – even when I have them. When things are like that are.” bad and i’m down i’m hiding it. “

This is not the approach Benzema took when Jose Mourinho was in command. With Madrid’s other center forward Gonzalo HiguainMourinho made his infamous remark, hurt, “If you have to go hunting but don’t have a dog, you have to bring your cat because you can’t do it on your own.” The Portuguese manager sent an unsubtle message to his superiors that he wanted them to add Emmanuel Adebayor to the squad (they did), but Benzema knew he was the “cat” in question.

After the next game was won, Benzema – although he had only been at the club for a little over a year – knocked on Mourinho’s door, made his wounded anger clear, demanded much more public and private respect and after an hour of beating things up, clearing the air after “losing”, as he admits, when originally consuming his manager’s words. He’s tough enough for this guy, as his goal and record have shown since Ronaldo swam to Turin.

Additionally, Madrid’s occasional rocky Champions League season is still alive and well, and the kick (as well as the La Liga defense) is due to this suede-headed, stylish, underrated French-Algerian striker.

People go on and on Robert Lewandowski because Bayern Munich are on the move right now, but Benzema is twice the size of the footballer, and although there has been a lot of advertising about them Poland As the third top scorer in the Champions League behind Ronaldo and Messi, I would like to point out that Benzema is only three goals behind Lewandowski and none of his goals constitute a penalty – the Bayern man has 12 four of Benzema’s 69 goals in this elite club competition have been achieved so far this season: two of them are crucial to save a draw Borussia Monchengladbach in the Germany and defeat Internazionale 3-2 in Madrid.

He’s your point of contact, but at the end of this season he could only be your point of contact if the hang-gliding campaign written by Ronaldo and super agent Jorge Mendes the Portugal international could return to Santiago Bernabeu is taking shape. I’m sure it is within Perez and his esteemed Benzema’s plans to end the final year of their contractual relationship, but from the player’s representative Karim Djazari it appears that Lyon – the city and the club – are very trendy her thoughts.

“Karim is torn between leaving the biggest club in the world and returning to Lyon but it is a matter of when,” Djazari said recently. “He dreams of playing for Lyon again and doing great things. Wearing the armband there among a team of talented kids could be magical.”

Now agents talk, and dreams don’t always come true. In that case, I pray they don’t, at least not anytime soon. It is a joyful privilege that Benzema demonstrates its almost ingenious skills week after week on Spanish pitches. We are looking at a true all-time high in the European game. If Benzema Madrid leads the Champions League again this week and helps them keep their La Liga title, it will be time for Perez to ignore the Frenchman’s age, that his level of play and fitness is on par with a 27-year-old and Benzema asks to play two or three more seasons of his balletic, beautiful, martial and brilliant football at Real Madrid.

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