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#Street photography

March 16, 2021

Grace Ebert

Gulnara Samoilova, “Cloud Eater” (2018) © Gulnara Samoilova. All images courtesy of Prestel, shared with permission

Street photography is universally accessible and downright personal at the same time, and has the potential to bridge the gap between quirkiness and universality, an opportunity that has long been excited Gulnara Samoilova. Samoilova, a former Associated Press photojournalist and current fine art photographer, realized that while the genre was affordable and convenient, the area was largely male-dominated, an imbalance she sought to correct when it was founded Street photographers in 2017.

In his fourth year the current project started with an Instagram account Designed to showcase work by women around the world. “I soon realized that with this platform I could do everything I had always wanted as a photographer: the kind of support and opportunities that would have helped me to grow during these formative and crucial points on my journey”, tells Samoilova Kolossal, noting that the expansion was a natural response to the positive response from the project.

Now a community of hundreds of amateurs and professionals, Street photographers has bloated in a website, Artist residency, exhibition series, film series and now a book published this month by Prestel. The 224-page volume, which summarizes the work of 100 women from 31 countries, is only “a tiny sample of everything that is out there,” says Samoilova, one who is tied to the desire of photographers to share their viewpoints and document the world through lenses encompassing a variety of races, ethnicities, creeds, ages, abilities, and sexual and gender identities.

Birka Wiedmaier, “Untitled” (2019) © Birka Wiedmaier

Depiction of an eclectic series of candid expressions and moments of intimacy and chance – whether through the red updo B Jane LevineThe inclusion can be seen on the cover of the book, or the childhood exuberance that of Regula Tschumi– Each photo is paired with a statement by the artist about the image and the background. The explanatory text contextualizes the subject and the person behind the camera and establishes the broader vision for the project that Samoilova explains:

Street photography is both a record of the world and a statement made by the artist himself: it is how they see the world, who they are, what attracts their attention and fascinates them. There’s a wonderful mix of art and artifact, poetry and testimony that makes street photography so appealing. It is both documentary and visual art at the same time, and yet easily accessible to people outside the world of photography.

It is too early to say what projects look like Street photographers Samoiolva says they shape the larger ecosystem, although the contributions have had an impact across the area. However, in the coming months she intends to create more opportunities for women in the field that could take the form of an exhibition or a travel-based project, though she has not yet disclosed which ones it is. “I love to dream, but I don’t like to plan,” she writes. “I go with the river and all the current to lead me to my next destination.”

Until then, immerse yourself in the extensive archive of the work the Street photographers Instagramand get a copy of the book from Bookstore. (over Feature shoot)

Bruna Rotunno, “Materic Water # 1” (2011) © Bruna Rotunno

Dimpy Bhalotia, “Shoulder Birds” (2018) © Dimpy Bhalotia

B Jane Levine, “Red Upsweep” (2019) © B Jane Levine

Emily Garthwaite, “A Night Bus in Kolkota, India” (2017) © Emily Garthwaite

Orna Naor, “Women of the Sea” (2019) © Orna Naor

Florence Oliver, “Gare de Lyon” (2018) © Florence Oliver

Regula Tschumi, “A Dance of Joy” (2019) © Regula Tschumi

Ximena Echague, “Soul of the Ganges” (2019) © Ximena Echague

#Street photography

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