Busts of unabashed women by Gerard Mas are sculpted with a contemporary and sassy twist



# bust

March 18, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Lady of the chewing gum”, polychrome resin. All images © Gerard Mas, shared with permission

Despite their modest clothing and perfectly braided hair, women are this artist Gerard Mas Shapes are spirited, bold, and undeniably shameless. Regardless of whether you blow a wad of chewing gum, have visible tan streaks or boldly dig your nose – the corset-clad figures are full of humor and wit and cast a contemporary light on the long-cherished conventions of the medium.

Mas started the ongoing series a few years ago when he ventured into figurative sculpture and struggled with depicting perfection and beauty. He shares:

This was an impossible job. There was always something that broke that beauty. And a sculpture that tries to speak of beauty with a disproportion or an obvious compositional error is pretentious, if not ridiculous … I decided to anticipate this failure and intentionally introduce mismatched elements that broke this pretended beauty by adding squeaked our sense of good taste. Let’s say it’s an ode to the impossibility of beauty.

Mas is based near Barcelona and was originally trained as a restorer, with a focus on the reconstruction of floral ornaments in architecture. “In my obsession with thinking about the art of other times, I also realized that our current cultural codes prevent us from thinking about the art of the past without reinventing its meaning. We are exposed to an avalanche of daily images that shape our appearance, ”he says. This experience continues to shape his practice, which seamlessly blends traditional techniques – such as the use of standard materials such as marble, alabaster, carved wood, gilding, and polychromy – and contemporary themes.

When in Madrid you can see Mas’ sculptures below Estampa from April 8th to 11th. Otherwise, continue reading a larger collection of his figurative works his side and Instagram. (over The jealous curator)

“Call Center Lady”, polychrome resin

“Lady of Lloret”, polychrome resin

“Lady of chewing gum”

“Lady of the Necklace” (2018), polychrome resin

“Lady of the Cactus” (2019), polychrome alabaster

“Lady of the collar”

“Picking Nose Lady”

“Lady Sticks Out Her Tongue” (2007), polychrome alabaster

# bust

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