Jazz Age: Marlins prospect Chisholm wins 2B job

MIAMI – Highly regarded view Jazz Chisholm was declared the winner of the spring competition for the Miami Marlins‘Second base job on Sunday, and he’ll be in the lineup on opening day.

Chisholm hit .268 in spring practice with three homers and four stolen bases.

He competed with Isan Diaz because the marlins only have an open job every day and have won almost by default. Diaz went 2:34 and will start the season in Triple-A.

Manager Don Mattingly and General Manager Kim Ng told Chisholm just before the last spring training game that he would be heading south with the team.

“It feels great when everyone believes in you,” said Chisholm. “I know I already have a lot of confidence, but it gives you confidence where it’s almost cocky.”

In 2020, Miami Second Basemen had an OPS of 0.602, most recently in the National League. Chisholm made his big league debut in September, going 9 to 56 (.161).

Chisholm, 23, came to Miami in 2019 when he sent a mug Zac Gallen to the Arizona Diamondbacks.

“We think of jazz as the everyday second baseman,” said Mattingly. “But that’s the beginning. You have to perform every day and keep going.”

The young marlins finished the spring training 14: 5, best in the majors. You’re trying to build on an unexpected run to last year’s playoffs.

They open the season on Thursday against the Tampa Bay Rays.

“I’m happy with the club,” said Mattingly. “We played pretty good baseball in general.”

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