Green on Rapinoe’s review: “I’m on her side”

Golden State Warriors Forward Draymond Green said Thursday that he believes his tweets about women’s sports and the male athlete pay gap have been “extremely misinterpreted”, some saying, “I’m on their side.”

Green spoke on the subject the day after the star of the US women’s team, Megan Rapinoe, said it was “unfortunate” that an athlete in Green’s position did not have a more informed opinion.

On Thursday evening, Green gave a passionate, expansive response on the subject that lasted more than 10 minutes, repeatedly stating that he “supports” what Rapinoe is doing and hopes he can help the women’s sport.

“At the end of the day, what Megan wants and what I want is the same,” said Green. “And if she believes that something will lead you to the end goal in a certain way, I’m all for it. And if I believe that something will lead you to the end goal in a certain way, I am all for it. So if we can both do something, to move the needle to get to the final destination, great.

“I have no complaints about what she wants to do, or with an athlete. Or with someone who is trying to move her cause forward and what they want to do. I don’t really care how you get there. What is important to me that we get there. “

In his tweets posted on March 27, Green partially accused women of filing “complaints” rather than taking action against wage differentials and investing in women’s sports.

Green said Thursday that the tweets didn’t fully capture the points he was trying to get across.

“A lot of what I said in the tweet – you can’t really tell my full position from my tweets,” he said. “Which was intended because I don’t want you to know my full position from a tweet. I want to raise awareness with my tweets. I want to have these conversations to get to the page of good, the page that we are all want to reach the site we want to see these women come to. “

On a Zoom call the Wednesday before the Tokyo Summer Olympics, Rapinoe told reporters that Green’s tweets were false. She pointed out that she and many other athletes have long done many things that Green had to stand up for.

“That’s frustrating, that’s the attitude you have,” Rapinoe said of Green’s tweets. “You obviously showed all your ass by not even understanding what we are all talking about all the time – WNBA players and we on the national team … you don’t think we asked for more money? I mean what are we screaming? Nonstop! “

Green said Thursday that he was “encouraged” to hear Rapinoe’s response to his remarks and did not offend her opinion.

“We don’t all have to think the same thing or take the same path to get an outcome – it’s just not realistic,” he said. “We all don’t have to take this path. So if the path that she is going to take is different to get to the result, or the path I want to take is different to get to the result, as long as we ‘if both work towards the same result, I have no problem with it. “

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