GM: Texans respect the legal process against Watson

HOUSTON – At its first press conference since the first lawsuit was filed against Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans General Manager Nick Caserio said the team “respects the legal process” and that he has “no comment” on the situation.

Last month, 23 sexual assault and inappropriate behavior lawsuits were filed against Watson. One of the lawsuits was dropped by a plaintiff “for now” according to court records earlier this week.

“I know [Texans CEO] Cal [McNair] and the owners published a letter a few weeks ago only referring to the organization’s stance on our location, “said Caserio.” So I have nothing to add other than that it is a legal process. We respect the legal process and where that is. So we focus on today. We focus on preparing for the offseason program and draft. That’s why our focus is here. “

In a letter to Texas season ticket holders on April 5, the McNair family addressed the civil suits and a complaint filed against Watson with the Houston Police Department and said, “We want to assure you that we take these allegations very seriously.

“As we wait for these investigations to be completed, we express our strong stance against all forms of sexual assault,” the letter said. “Our families and the entire Houston Texans organization are deeply concerned about all forms of abuse, and we condemn this type of behavior.”

When asked about possible contingency plans with Quarterback on Friday, Caserio said he wouldn’t think that far.

“We’re not really going to go into a lot of hypotheses and speculations,” said Caserio. “I’m not really good at it. Maybe someone else can do this better than me. If you want to speculate, you should probably buy bitcoin and focus on it. So we’re only going to focus on the things that we can control. That’s kind of a thing Preparing for the design and trying to use the opportunities to expand our team and build our roster. “

In a statement last week, NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy called the allegations against Watson “deeply worrying” and noted, “We take these issues very seriously.”

McCarthy said the league opened an investigation into its code of conduct last month following the initial allegations and that the NFL “continues to closely monitor all developments on the matter”.

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