Interview: A conversation with the curator Tam Gryn unpacks the innovative mix of art and retail behind SHOWFIELDS



April 26, 2021

Christopher Jobson

Perrier x Murakami collaboration at SHOWFIELDS NYC. All images © SHOWFIELDS, shared with permission

We recently sat down with SHOWFIELDS Chief Curator Tam Gryn for a conversation about the unique mix of shopping, art, brand activations and events that drive the innovative retail concept. With locations in New York City and Miami, the relatively new space has already resulted in fruitful collaborations between an impressive range of artists, companies and organizations including Perrier x Murakami, Tax Collection, Brooke DiDonato, Kenny Sharf, Ekaterina Popova, Dirty Lukerand the Whitney and Brooklyn museums.

Gryn’s curatorial choices are often geared towards cultural change and consumer demands, and are aimed at sustainability and collective movement. She explains:

As a curator, I try to find patterns in the truths of the generations. What I have been seeing since last year is our whole generation wholeheartedly cry out for healing: healing from this pandemic, medical healing, holistic healing with all kinds of contemporary spiritual practices, healing as a society. That is why I present artists who can interpret this phenomenon and we work with small businesses that give consumers what they ask for.

in the this interview, Colossal Editor-in-Chief Christopher Jobson spoke to Gryn about the effectiveness of structuring collaborations based on shared missions, the humor and play that permeate both SHOWFIELDS locations, and what we can win together by blurring the lines between art and branding.

Dirty Luker tentacles emerge from the facade of SHOWFIELDS Miami

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