SVA students illustrate extraordinary New York-inspired covers that envision life after a pandemic



# COVID-19

April 27, 2021

Grace Ebert

By Amy Young. All images courtesy of Tomer Hanuka, shared with permission

Smart, stimulating, and occasionally controversial, The New YorkerEnvelopes are sharp observations of contemporary culture in their own right. The weekly renders are widely recognized as visual interpretations of today’s most pressing problem, which spans politics, culture and life over the last year during COVID-19. Inspired by these iconic images, third year illustration students are studying Tomer HanukaThe course at the School of Visual Arts created its own iterations after the pandemic. From masked hugs and empty theaters to more somber silhouettes depicting those who lost their lives to the virus, the covers encompass a range of emotions and realities for life after the lockdown, an idea cleverly renamed imprint the student is reinforced. Old new world. Check out and check out some of our favorite illustrations below Hanuka’s Twitter threadwhich has been widespread across the collection in the past few days.

From Dou Hong

From Fan Zhang

By Jiaci Grace Qiu

From Huahua Cui

By Jane McIlvaine

From Jungwoo Lee

By Katrina Catacutan

From Ruoxi Jiang

By Yushan Zhou

By Zoe Stengel

# COVID-19

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