James Harden does photoshopping to cast shadows on the Knicks

Which NBA team really leads New York – that New York Knicks or the Brooklyn networks? Corresponding to the shadow on the not-so-subtly cropped photo that was tweeted by Nets Star James HardenIt’s a simple answer.

On Monday the respected weekly magazine The New Yorker released its cover for this week’s issue. The cover featured illustrations by Harden, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving the nets and curtsey stars RJ Barrett and Julius Randle.

Then, on Tuesday, Harden cropped the picture to let his 7-million-plus followers on Twitter know what he thought of the Knicks. The two Knicks players completely removed his version of the cover.

With the end of the regular NBA season, the Nets and Knicks are in second and fourth place Eastern Conference ranking. A playoff matchup to settle the score may therefore not be an option.

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