Fantastic macro photos reveal the microscopic world of mushrooms and slime molds



#Mold mold

Lachnum virgineum. All images © Alison Pollack, shared with permission

Alison PollackThe preferred motifs are the tiny, inconspicuous organisms that are difficult to see without a trained eye and microscope. The California-based photographer uses an extreme macro lens to document the tiny mushrooms that emerge from leaves and pieces of bark, exposing the rarely visible iridescent spots, pockmarks, and feathery tissues that cover their fruiting bodies. “My goal is to show people tiny mushrooms and slime molds that they might never see or have never heard of,” she tells Colossal. “And also to reveal the beautiful intricate details in these organisms.”

Although they earlier pictures Pollack has captured the fleshy mushrooms in spectacular detail and, over the past two years, has come even closer to their subjects, which are often less than a millimeter in size, with a microscope lens that magnifies their results to 20 times their actual size. The resulting images document even the smallest features such as individual spores, the vein-like weave structure surrounding them and the different texture and color of each organism.

Find Pollack Instagram and Facebook to see what she’ll discover next and to order prints of her photos. You might as well enjoy this documentary via the vast underground network of mycelium that is connected to all life on earth.

Physarum album

Didymium. All images © Alison Pollack, shared with permission

Above left: Badhamia utricularis. Above right: Typhula on a crumbling leaf. Bottom left: Polycephalomyces tomentosus on Trichia botrytis. Bottom right: Candlesnuff fungus (Xylaria hypoxylon)

Eyelash Cup Fungus (Scutellinia)

Above: pilobolus. Bottom left: Comatricha. Bottom right: Badhamia utricularis on the stereum

Arcyria pomiformis

Left: Mycena acicula. Right: Lamproderma

Cribraria cancellata

#Mold mold

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