Nature returns to overtake abandoned architecture in a new photo book by Jonk




Manoir, Taiwan Manor, Taiwan. All images © Jonk, shared with permission

From run-down power plants, abandoned medical facilities and amusement parks that lie in rusted ruins, the scenes that the French photographer took Jonathan Jimenez, also known as Jonk, recordings are evidence of nature’s endurance and power to reclaim human-turned spaces. Now compiled in a new book called Naturalia II221 pictures from 17 countries frame the blooming vegetation, which creeps in unruly masses over broken concrete and architecture.

This subsequent volume is a continuation of Jonks first book of the same name and focuses on the evolution of the ecological crisis over the past three years. He explains about the impetus for the book in an explanation::

On the one hand, the situation has worsened and another species is becoming extinct every day. Global warming continues and has led to repeated natural disasters: floods, fires, droughts, etc. On the other hand, our collective consciousness has increased dramatically. We are still a long way from the commitment it takes to really change things, but we are headed in the right direction. Millions of initiatives have sprung up and I hope that my photos and the message they contain can play a small role in the collective challenge we all face.

Get a copy of Naturalia IIcontaining text in French and English Jonk’s sideand follow him on Instagram to keep up with his travels and reclaimed insights.

Centrale Lectrique, Power Plant Italie, Italy

Tour de Refroidissement, Belgique cooling tower, Belgium

Piscine, swimming pool of Denmark, Denmark

Hippodrome, France

Sanatorium, Lituanie Sanatorium, Lithuania

CimetiŠre de voitures, Sušde Cemetery, Sweden

Parc d’attractions, Taiwan amusement park, Taiwan

Usine, Allemagne Factory, Germany


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