Illusory photographs of mountain landscapes are rotated 90 degrees to reveal human-like profiles




“Sleeping Greek” in the Upper Austrian Alps. All images © Bernhard Lang, shared with kind permission

There is a long history of the connection between natural phenomena and Pareidoliaor tThe tendency to see or make sense of an object where it does not physically exist. The The psychological phenomenon is responsible for a range of human experiences from childhood pastimes of cloud-watching to Rorschach test to the Idea that there is one man in the Moon and one that helped name some of the rock formations that were photographed by Bernhard Lang ((before).

in the Pareidolia – mountain facesLang documents both familiar and dark landscapes that resemble human profiles at a 90-degree angle. Many of the mountains in the series refer to regional legends such as “The Sleeping Witch” and “Sleeping Greek”, while others are Lang’s own interpretation such as “Golem”, which frames the highest peak of the Vršič Pass in Slovenia and shows a similar face the magical figure.

See the complete collection on the Munich photographer websiteand go to Instagram to follow the imaginary characters he finds next.

“Golem” in the Vršič Pass in Slovenia

“Bavarian Chief” in the Berchtesgaden Alps in Bavaria


“Schiller’s head”

“Sleeping Witch” in the Bavarian Alps

Široka Peč in Slovenia

“Donald Trump” in Baden-Württemberg


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