Bridgewater criticizes the way panthers practiced

Former Carolina quarterback Teddy Bridgewater asked on Wednesday how that Panther practiced in two critical areas that played a role in the organization that was removed from him after the first year of a three-year contract.

“I’m just saying this, for Joe Brady’s growth you have to practice different things in different ways,” said Bridgewater of Carolina’s offensive coordinator on the “Everything covered“CBS Sports Podcast with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden.

“One of the things we didn’t do much of when I was there, we didn’t practice two minute exercises, we didn’t practice the red zone. … We didn’t practice on Fridays, but you went through the red zone and then on Saturday you came out and practiced the red zone, but you only got 15 live reps. “

Carolina’s schedule was different for the first year under coach Matt Rhule last year, as Friday was a run instead of a full workout and Saturday was a full workout. McFadden noted that many teams devote a full day of training to the red zone and two-minute drills.

Later on Wednesday, Rhule said he was happy with the way his team handles game building.

“We have a process. We have a training plan,” he said. “I think we’re pretty well organized. We try to tackle all situations. I’m not going to go into our process. … I feel really good about the way we practice.”

Bridgewater, traded to Denver ahead of the 2021 NFL draft after the Panthers acquired Sam Darnold of the New York JetsRanked 25th among the qualified quarterbacks in the red zone with an overall QBR of 41.7. He completed only 58.5% of his passes in the red zone, compared to 69.1% overall.

Bridgewater finished 26th in the two-minute offensive with a QBR of 62.6. In those situations he had three touchdowns and four interceptions.

Bridgewater led all quarterbacks with five turnovers in the red zone. He was also 0-8 in games where the Panthers had a chance to win or tie on their final possession.

Bridgewater admitted he could have done better. He also reminded the audience that he hadn’t run back Christian McCaffrey for 13 games for multiple double threat injuries to the Pro Bowler with no tight final goal to rely on in the red zone.

Tight ends Ian Thomas and Chris Manhertz combined for 26 catches and a touchdown in 2020, prompting Carolina to upgrade to that position in the draft and free agency.

The Panthers began looking for options with quarterback shortly after the 2020 season, which they ended at 5-11. They offered Bridgewater, the number 8, and a fifth round Detroit Lions to the Matthew Staffordthat ended up being traded to Los Angeles Rams.

“The whole deal with Carolina is what it is,” said Bridgewater, speaking publicly for the first time since the deal. “I told them at the end of the season that I carry big drawers and understand the nature of this business, and it’s a performance business.

“I could sit out here and say, ‘OK, Christian was hurt. We didn’t have that. We didn’t have that.’ It doesn’t matter, I look in a mirror and say, ‘Hey, you need to tighten up.’ “

McFadden, a former NFL cornerback, followed up with, “I’ll say what you won’t say,” and that was, “You weren’t treated fairly.”

McFadden noted that Bridgewater, 4-11 as Carolina’s starter, passed for 3,733 yards, throwing 15 touchdowns to 11 interceptions. He then noted that Darnold was 2-10 with the Jets, passing for 2,208 yards with nine touchdowns to 11 interceptions and a completion rate of 59.6%.

Darnold finished 31st in two-minute situations with a QBR of 51.8 and 33rd in the red zone with a QBR of 10.0.

The Panthers swapped a sixth round in 2020 and one selection each in the second and fourth rounds in 2022 for Darnold, the third selection of the draft for 2018. They also decided not to take a quarterback with the eighth election, despite Ohio State Justin Fields and Alabamas Mac Jones We are available.

Rhule has repeatedly said that he believes in Darnold. The panthers exercised the option for the fifth year in Darnold’s contract on April 30, he guaranteed the quarterback a salary of $ 18.8 million in 2022.

“We brought Sam here for a reason,” said Rhule. “We’re excited to see what he can do. We’re excited to give him an opportunity. We acted for him because we believe in his potential.”

On Wednesday, Rhule said he expects Bridgewater to have “tremendous success” with Denver and believes the Denver staff will see his former quarterback the way he does.

“I like who he is,” said Rhule. “I like who he is as a football player.” I like who he is as a guide. I have nothing negative to say. ”

Bridgewater, who used the to overcome a career-threatening knee injury Minnesota Vikings In her 2016 training camp, she returned to Carolina as a full-time starter last season after signing a three-year $ 63 million deal.

The Panthers have restructured Bridgewater’s deal to act him to the Broncosand agreed to pay $ 7 million of the quarterback’s $ 10 million bonus, which was fully guaranteed. They also raised $ 17 million in dead money.

Bridgewater said he moved a lot when a kid prepared him for everything he is going through now.

“I’m a professional man,” said Bridgewater. “I could sit up here and throw all of this out there, but at the end of the day it won’t get me anywhere, man.”

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