Ceramic mosaics repair cracked sidewalks, potholes and buildings in vibrating interventions by Ememem



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# Street art

All images © Ememem, shared with permission

In his hometown of Lyon Ememem is known as “the plaster surgeon”. The artist repairs milled sidewalks and splintered facades with colorful mosaics, which he describes as “a poem that everyone can read”. Intricate geometric motifs laid with flawless tiles hug the cracks, creating “a memory booklet of the city. It shows what happened, life in these public places, ”he tells Colossal. “Cobblestones were picked up and thrown here. There a truck from the vegetable market tore off a piece of asphalt … “

Ememem’s first mosaic dates back 10 years when he was in a damaged alley in Lyon. At that time he was already working in ceramics, translating this practice into revitalizing the outdoors. Since 2016 he has been consistently filling potholes and other divots across France. “It’s a succession of many places and deliberations, experiments that I did before. I had done similar things, with different techniques, different supports, and when that came up I knew I was going to find something that I would use for the rest of my life Would go on in life, ”he says.

While in Paris, you can see some of Ememem’s latest interventions Grand Paris Express in Saint-Maur-Créteil until August 31st. His work will also be with Splashboard in Lyon on June 2nd and in a group exhibition Florian Daguet-Bresson Opening June 8th. You can find an extensive archive of his patched projects at his side and Instagram. Check out these guerrilla pothole mosaics by Chicago artist Jim Bachor for similar road repairs. (above Jeroen Apers)

For the Société du Grand Paris

Left: Lyon (2021). Right: Paris (2020)

Grand Paris Express

Mycosis on the Môle de Sète

Right: Rue Bollier

# public art
# Street art

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