Weighing the trading options of the Philadelphia Eagles, from Zach Ertz to Julio Jones

PHILADELPHIA – The Eagle are close to the mark of the century on the retail front. Will they initiate three-digit numbers with a bang?

Since Howie Roseman became general manager in 2010, Philadelphia has executed 98 trades, second only to New England Patriots (111) according to ESPN Stats & Information.

All the goings-on and action go hand in hand with the Eagles’ philosophy; NFL free agency and the NFL draft. The best example of this was in 2017 when Philadelphia added several players to its Super Bowl team late in the process, including trading for the starting cornerback Ronald Darby in August and deal for running back Jay Ajayi at the close of trading in October.

Results are not always as rosy as the adoption of Wide Receiver’s trading deadline shows Golden Tate 2019, but the team keeps firing. The The Eagles’ last swap was a couple of weeks ago when they acquired cornerback Josiah Scott of the Jacksonville Jaguars in exchange for CB Jameson Houston and a selection for the sixth round in 2023.

It’s a decent bet, given the troubled tight end situation Zach Ertz and the holes in the current list, which are trades # 99 and 100, are not far away. Let’s take a closer look to see if there are any blockbusters for Roseman and the Eagles:

The Eagles are tied to almost every trade candidate that shows up because they always inquire when Difference Makers become available and often set markers when the price is within a range they would be spending. Given the caliber of Player Jones, it would be wrong for management not to call Atlanta.



Dianna Russini explains what could happen in the next few weeks should the Falcons attempt to trade Julio Jones.

Philadelphia could use an experienced wide receiver. There is currently no player over 25 in the room, and the four wideouts that may see the most action this season – Jalen Reagó, DeVonta Smith, Greg Ward and Travis Fulham – have a total of 32 starts in the NFL. As well as showing the young boys the way, Jones would make the Eagles’ attack one of the most dangerous in the NFL.

There are a couple of problems, however.

The Eagles are tight against the salary cap at roughly $ 4 million in space. Jones is said to have a base salary of $ 15.3 million and a cap of $ 23 million. While there are ways to massage the numbers to make it work, it’s fair to ask if spending a lot of cash and draft capital on a 32-year-old Jones is the smartest step for a team in transition, especially given that Resources into which it has flowed is the position of the last time. The Eagles have used first-round picks against Reagor and Smith for the past two years.

The right step is to give them the keys and allow them to learn on the job while adding a lower cost veteran who can provide guidance but not affect their goals as dramatically.

That said, counting Philly off from everything is never smart.

Looking for movement on the Ertz front

This has become a long, drawn-out split.

The writing on the wall has been there since the last offseason, after the contract renewal talks between the Eagles and Ertz were broken off, but the free representation and the draft came and went without any movement. Ertz, 30, had suitors, but Roseman continues to look for better offers.

“This is not a career twilight guy. He’s a guy who is still in his prime. A year ago at that time everyone was talking about where he ranks with the top tight ends in the league,” said Roseman Beginning of May. “So we feel really good about the type of player he is and we have to do our best for our team too, and we have great respect for him again and will continue to be a member of the Philadelphia Eagles. If something changes . ” , we will update you guys. “

Ertz has meanwhile stayed away from the Eagles’ organized team activities.

June 1st was seen as a possible lynchpin in this situation. If Ertz trades or releases after that date, the Eagles would receive an additional $ 3.5 million in cap relief this season. While this is not to be sniffed at, neither side regards June 1st as a significant marker in this case from what we are collecting. Could it help move things forward once the extra relief is secured? Maybe, but it doesn’t feel like the Eagles are sitting on a deal waiting to take a step.

The expectation remains that Ertz will eventually be eliminated from the team, but we may not be at the end of the street as Philadelphia is looking for something better than a low day 3 pick.

The Pro Bowl Guard confirmed last week that it was the subject of trade talks this off-season. Given that Brooks, 31, has had an Achilles’ tear – his second in three seasons – he understood why the Eagles would consider postponing him, but wasn’t entirely happy with the process.

“The only thing I really want is, instead of hearing about it from my mom – my mom says, ‘Where are we going?’ – it would be nice to get a call [from the Eagles] like, ‘Hey, that’s something,’ “Brooks said Thursday.” Otherwise, it’s a business, man. I never lose sight of that. “

It would be hard not to feel like your days are numbered once these trade talks come to light, but Brooks agreed to a contract restructuring in March and joined the Eagles’ offseason program now.

What professions besides Ertz could you do?

The cornerback spot opposite Kill Darius remains unexplained. If the Eagles don’t land with one of the top remaining free agent corners, such as Steven Nelson, they could go the trade route to get their CB2, similar to what Darby did in 2017.

Linebacker could use some support too – former Eagles LB. Jordan Hicks just got permission from Arizona to go for a trade – and they could use a skilled wide receiver and perhaps another tight end to make up for Ertz’s inevitable loss.

Lest we forget that there are five months between now and the end of October trading, Roseman has plenty of time to tweak his list and hit trade # 100.

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