Floyd Mayweather dominates Logan Paul in the show fight

MIAMI GARDENS, Florida – Logan Paul raised his right glove and pointed at the sky. Then he grimaced at Floyd Mayweather and mocked him. And then he flicked a jab.

It was a surreal moment in a surreal build-up and struggle.

Award-winning YouTube star Logan Paul walked the distance with Floyd Mayweather – every eight rounds – in a fun show boxing match at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on Sunday night. Paul’s trainer Milton Lacroix told ESPN last month that success in that fight would go all the way for Paul. And that’s what Paul did.

“He’s better than I thought,” Mayweather said of Paul. “… I was surprised by him tonight. Good job. Good little guy.”

The exhibition was scheduled for eight three-minute rounds. Mayweather and Paul wore 10-ounce gloves. There were no judges and no official winner, although knockouts were legal.

The Florida State Boxing Commission did not officially approve the fight – due to the large differences in size and experience – even though they provided Samuel Burgos to referee. The fight, which will not go down in the two men’s professional records, was promoted by Mayweather Promotions and distributed pay-per-view by Showtime.

“I don’t want anyone to tell me that anything is impossible ever again,” said Paul. “The fact that I’m here with one of the best boxers of all time proves that the odds can be beat.”

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Round by round cover:

Lap 8: Logan Paul goes the distance with Mayweather. Yes that’s right. No official winner is announced and of course Mayweather would have won if there had been one. But Paul got acclimatized pretty well, considering – a lot better than most people thought. May weather 10-9. Overall: Mayweather 78-74

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer37m ago

Round 7: Now it’s going to be crisp. Lots of clinch. Some talk back and forth. But probably Paul’s best lap since the seventh. He landed a left hand, and this was the first round in a while that Mayweather didn’t land much of a difference. Paul 10-9. Overall: 68-65 Mayweather

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer41m ago

Lap 6: Paul is very tired, but he’s still inside. Lots of clinch. Not much of his punches. Mayweather landed a hard left hook late. But has not found the last blow. May weather 10-9. Overall: 59-55

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer45m ago

Round 5: Logan Paul has heart. Mayweather landed two huge left hooks, a large right hand, and an uppercut. But Paul holds on and throws back. Must be impressed with Paul. May weather 10-9. Overall: 49-46 Mayweather

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer49m ago

Round 4: Mayweather landed some big shots this round. Paul has a bit of a chin. Mayweather shot him down with a right hand and a left hook. Paul took a few deep breaths. But he survived – and got a right. May weather 10-9. Total: 39-37 May weather

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer54m ago

Round 3: Mayweather landed a couple of very hard left hooks and one right from a series of feints. Mayweather becomes more aggressive. Paul may be a little hurt and tired. May weather 10-9. Total: 29-28 May weather

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer57m ago

Round 2: Not much happens in this round. Mayweather landed a couple of shots on the body. Paul sniffed most of his punches, but landed partially on the right. Paul doesn’t look terrible, but Mayweather hasn’t really turned it on yet. 10-9 Paul. Overall: 19-19.

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer1h ago

Lap 1: Paul finished the lap in a big stir, but Mayweather shot up and next to nothing got through. Mayweather didn’t throw a ton in the round, but landed a pair of left hooks and a body shot. 10-9 May weather

Marc Raimondi, ESPN Staff Writer1h ago


Jack dominates the late replacement Colina with the fourth round of TKO

Badou Jack isn’t done yet. Jack showed his best performance in four years, beating an obsessed opponent to secure a TKO in the fourth round from Dervin Colina.

Jack knocked Colina down three times in the fourth round, the last time he enforced the three knock down rule and stopped the fight.

Colina (15-1, 13 KOs) was a short-term replacement for Jean Pascal, who tested positive for several performance-enhancing drugs that knocked him out of the fray. He definitely looked that way, got multiple points for holding, and a lackluster performance. There were two short right hooks – one on the head and one on the body – that were Jack’s final blows to end the fight.

Jack, who somehow always finds himself on a big stage, plans to move up to cruiserweight and says he’s tired of losing weight as he ages. Jack of Sweden could become a three-division champion if he wins a cruiserweight title.

“I just have to be patient,” said Jack. “That’s God’s plan. I have to keep pushing.”

Arias upsets Hurd with split decision

Luis Arias already has a nickname. It’s “Cuba” after his Cuban father. But he might consider changing it to “Rain Man”.

In a steady downpour, Arias showed the best performance of his career and defeated the announced favorite Jarrett Hurd in a middleweight fight after a split decision (according to the judges’ ratings of 94-95, 97-93 and 96-93).

The first round was relatively uneventful. But after the fight was interrupted in the second because of the rain that caused Arias to slip in the ring, Arias turned it on and tossed and landed haymaker after haymaker in short breaks to wipe the slippery canvas.

Hurd never went down and was never seriously injured. But Arias kept the pressure up and rarely pulled back, beating Hurd with power strikes – huge overhand right and left hook – for a significant portion of the fight. Over and over. Hurd ate all of them, but he didn’t block most of them. After the second, Arias’ face was covered in blood, but that didn’t matter.

“You could have got me out of there,” Arias said to Hurd. “I was definitely excited. If you had found a way, you could have got me out of there. “

Hurd had a few moments in the fifth and sixth rounds. It seemed like Arias was slowing down because he was setting an intense pace. During this stretch, Hurd was able to land sharp uppercuts nearby as well as sharp left hooks. The shots did damage – just not enough to stop Arias from coming forward. On the seventh round, Hurd landed two straight left hooks low, potentially giving Arias time to recover.

Arias finished the ninth and tenth round strong with tough combinations and glowing overhand rights.

“Jarrett is one hell of a fighter and he’s not finished yet,” said Arias.

Arias (19-2-1), fighting out of Milwaukee, shot a series of three bouts without a win. Hurd (24-2) has lost two out of three. Hurd is the former Unified Superwelterweight Champion, and he moved to middleweight for that fight. He was clearly the bigger man in the ring, but that didn’t matter.

Dejected ex-NFL Johnson ends his show match against Maxwell

Chad Johnson’s boxing debut was surprisingly impressive until a large right hook from Brian Maxwell dropped him on the canvas in the middle of round four.

Getting knocked down will be the highlight of Ochocinco’s trip to the ring on Sunday night at Hard Rock Stadium.

Johnson, 43, can be proud to stand off the bat after finishing the four-round exhibition against a professional fighter at Maxwell.

“My life has always been about taking risks and doing crazy things – that was on my bucket list,” said Johnson. “That was a message to everyone out there: don’t be afraid to take risks. Don’t be afraid to fail.

The fight was over the distance and there was no official evaluation so no winner was declared.

Maxwell, 33, claimed victory after the fight, saying, “Ask the world who Brian Maxwell is now. Brian Maxwell is here. Thank you Chad. It was an honor to fight my idol.”

Maxwell is currently a bare knuckle fighter with a 0-3 record with two losses to knockouts. He was also 0-1 in standard boxing matches and 2-3 in MMA matches.

Johnson-Maxwell was the first Floyd Mayweather main map fight against Logan Paul, and it was surprisingly entertaining for an exhibition match.

There were plenty of NFL connections in the building to see Johnson’s first fight, including Terrell Owens who was in his corner showing him love after the fight. Other participants included Miami dolphins Trainer Brian Flores, rookie wide receiver Jaylen waddle, former wideout Brandon Marshall and former linebacker Channing Crowder.

The audience at Hard Rock Stadium was Pro-Johnson, who is from Miami. They cheered him before and after the fight.

Johnson spent two months training for this boxing opportunity, including several weeks with brother playlists Jermall and Jermell Charlo. He also worked with UFC star Jorge Masvidal.

Johnson came out strong and won the first round after landing a solid right jab and an effective left hook multiple times. Johnson, who beat Maxwell 17-14 per CompuBox, would have made a strong case for winning the fight before being knocked down in the fourth round.

Johnson told the I Am Athlete podcast that Mayweather manager Leonard Ellerbe offered him the chance to potentially make a “cool million” for this fight and that he couldn’t refuse.

A week before the fight, Ochocinco told ESPN his goal was to, “People who buy tickets, people who show up, I want them to go and say,” I doubted Ocho but got him in the ring see, knowing that “someone tried to kill [him]. He put on a hell of a show. ‘”

The big story is going to be Johnson going to a climax and meme-worthy knockout, but overall he achieved his goal. He was entertaining and playing better than many expected.

“I lost my virginity tonight and it was fun,” said Johnson. “I think I’m ready for McGregor.”

Torres scores another knockout win to get closer to a title chance

Junior welterweight contender Jean Carlos Torres (18-0, 15 KOs) wants a title fight, and Sunday’s knockout win against journeyman Zack Kuhn (10-8-1, 5 KOs) should only help his cause. After a slow start to round one, Torres took care of knocking Kuhn to the ground three times, including a flush left hook that caused the umpire to end the bout immediately on round 2.

It was Torres’ debut fight under the Mayweather Promotions banner after signing in September 2020. Undisputed junior welterweight champion Josh Taylor is likely to have plans to gain up to 147 pounds to face WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford and compete against united lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez at 140 or his title against defending his British competitor and mandatory challenger Jack Catterall.

But Torres has done enough lately to get his name in the title mix. The 30-year-old Puerto Rican has now knocked out seven of his last eight fights. Four fights, four wins for Mayweather Promotions fighters on the non-televised undercard on Sunday night.

TMT contender Benton beats Cruz to fifth victory

It may not have been the kind of performance some would have asked for from a top Mayweather Promotions prospect. But Adrian Benton did the job.

Benton defeated Pedro Cruz by unanimous decision (42-36, 42-36, 42-36) in a four-round lightweight fight. Benton had a lot of success early on, but Cruz never left and was even the attacker at times.

This was the first time since his professional debut that 21-year-old Benton had walked the distance.

Benton played around with position changes throughout the fight. He landed big combos in both the first and second rounds. In the first, Cruz Benton actually appeared to drop with his right hand, but it was counted as a slip. Benton opened a cut over Cruz’s right eye in the second round and was busier when he landed the harder punches in the third and fourth rounds, but Cruz ended up right there, putting pressure on Benton.

Benton (5-0), a native of Cincinnati, hadn’t fought since December 2019. Cruz (1-1), who fought from San Jose, California, won his professional debut in Mexico in 2019.

Hackett knocked out Diaz in the first round

Welterweight Jalil Major Hackett made light work of Angelo Diaz on his pro debut, overwhelming him with a variety of strength combinations before dropping and finishing Diaz just 1:11 minutes into the first round.

The fight didn’t even feel that long.

Hackett, an 18-year-old Mayweather Promotions boxer from Washington, D.C., started off aggressively and confidently, wasting little time injuring Diaz’s body. But it was his brain work that pulled Diaz back most of all. The final blow was a strong right hand that drove Diaz onto the canvas with no hope of hitting the 10 count. Diaz stayed on deck for at least a minute after the fight before being helped. Diaz from Odessa, Texas also made his professional debut.

Khan stops Gray in Round 2

It took Dorian Khan Jr. about a round to warm up. But after that it was serious one-way traffic.

Khan, in his professional debut, beat Jonathan Gray during the second round, culminating in a finish at 2:59 of the second over TKO. Khan ripped off tough combinations with Gray stuck in the corner before the referee stepped in to stop action.

In the first, southpaw Khan Gray spiked with combinations, using a nice right hook and a straight left hook. But the heavy stuff came in the second round. Khan started playing his hands really hard with combinations. He dropped Gray on his body with a left uppercut, and it was more the same when Gray got to his feet.

Khan (1-0) from Arizona is a product of Mayweather Promotions. He is just 18 years old. Maryland’s Gray (0-4) has lost three times in a row this year after making his professional debut in 2020.

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