19 illustrators celebrate what they love about Asian culture in a print sale to raise money to fight racism


# Fundraiser
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By Jessie Wong. All images courtesy of Paperboy, shared with permission

Nineteen international illustrators have come together to raise funds to stop violence against Asian communities. Curated by the new platform Newsboy, a print sale called MUST BE GOOD! asked the artists to share what they love about Asian culture, resulting in an electric series of works celebrating everything from food and animals to traditional crafts. Each sale directly supports the illustrators, and the remaining profit is donated to organizations that fight against discrimination and hatred, including Besea.n, End the virus of racism, and Hackney Chinese Community Services. Check out some of the prints below and purchase the entire collection on the Paperboy app, which you can download here his website.

Left: by Kimberly Morris. Right: by Christina Tan

By Matt Nguyen

Left: From Aga Giecko. Right: From Arose Garden

By Celine Ka Wing La

Left: by Amy Phung. Right: by Darcie Olley

From Subin Yang

# Fundraiser
#poster and prints

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