An oversized and versatile stack of popular vinyl slides into the corner of a Reno brewery


#wall pictures

June 10, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images © Erik Burke, shared with permission

Scroll through a valuable record collection and you will likely find tattered covers and faded, bent corners on the most played albums. Artist Erik Burke shows these signs of a popular LP in a new mural that amplifies the oversized effect of the music to a monumental level. Hidden in a corner with Reno Record street brews, the towering work of art brings together a vintage collection – The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to die is slit next to it The Velvet Underground & Nico and Johnny Cashs Live in Folsom Prison is side by side with Give them enough rope by The Clash – this is a versatile mishmash that spans genres and decades. “A big part of that was getting the original vinyl and choosing the most worn and torn covers to show how these records are a big part of our lives and tell unique stories,” says artist Colossal.

Burke is known for his stylized portraits and floral murals, more of which you can see on his side and Instagram. He also has a couple of prints available in his shop.

#wall pictures

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