Mark Wahlberg trains with Marines at the first gym to open on the military base, Open

If there is one thing we know about Mark Wahlberg, it’s that he’s an absolute beast in the gym. Whether he Bulk for a movie or just pass the time in quarantine, he always finds new ways to challenge himself – even when training with marines. On June 11, Wahlberg helped open the brand new one F45 training Gym at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego. It’s the very first franchise gym on a military base, and aside from helping cut the ribbon on the opening of the new location (Wahlberg is an investor in the company), he also stayed with the Marines to exercise.

“I am honored to be able to open a gym on a military base,” Wahlberg said in a video from the event. “Hopefully we will continue to build this relationship. The goal is to have an F45 studio in every single military facility around the world. “

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After severing the bond with the base commander, Col. Charles B. Dockery, Wahlberg immediately got to work and began training with the Marines and their families. F45 workouts are 45-minute group sessions that incorporate elements of circuit training and HIIT with the aim of building functional fitness for the whole body. There is a lot of variety within this general framework, however: intense cardio, weight training, body weight movements, and more are on the menu.

According to Wahlberg, Friday’s meeting was a difficult one even for the Marines. He called it “the best workout you’ll get all week”.

Although most people know him as an actor, Wahlberg has had a successful career as a fitness-oriented entrepreneur – and F45 is just one of his projects. He started too Performance inspires, a nutritional supplement company dedicated to making clean, natural products for athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all levels. The company offers a full line of protein bars, powders, and dietary supplements (as well as accessories and recreational equipment) and recently Partnership with professional golfer Bryson DeChambeau to develop a new product line especially for golfers.

At Miramar, Wahlberg made it clear that he is interested in doing more than just helping military personnel stay in shape – he wants to help them build careers too. In his role as an investor, he has encouraged F45 to hire veterans at all levels of the company and create opportunities for those interested in fitness as a profession. In his view, their military experience makes them a great fit.

“Your work ethic, skills, understanding of fitness and training, and the right course of action are invaluable,” he said.

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