Spoon Archeology: A color-coded exhibit throws out plastic cutlery as artifacts of another era



June 28, 2021

Grace Ebert

Images shared with permission from the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden

At the same time as the European Union banning plastic cutlery planned for July 3, two industrial designers decided to combine their collections for a comprehensive study of the ubiquitous utensil. The ongoing project of Peter Eckart and Kai Linke, Spoon archeology is a large-scale exhibition of around 1,400 single-use cutlery items that the couple has amassed over two decades. With typical cutlery and niche tools such as ice cream cups and cocktail forks, the archive is organized according to color, shape and purpose in glass showcases that are reminiscent of anthropological studies and banish the once commonplace objects to the area of ​​outdated curiosities.

A playful rainbow display of unique design objects and a critical accusation against consumerism, Spoon archeologythat this weekend im London Design Biennial, is proof of the prevalence of plastics in today’s society. The designers hope that the size of the collection will raise questions about the impact of single-use items on the environment. “As a disposable product, they are mass-produced, inexpensive, easy to transport and just as easy to dispose of as they were needed. Ultimately, they are a symbol for our globalized logistics and throwaway culture, ”said Eckart Nice that, and notes that the exhibition also marks a major change in “important factors in our table and dining culture as well as the history of technology”.

Eckart and Linke started to make the archive more accessible an Instagram account dedicated Spoon archeologywhere they plan to share more pictures from the collection as well as news about where to go next. They also created a color coded print shown below which is part of their lot that you can purchase from E-mail or download it for free Here. (above Core 77)


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