A Dusty Roadrunner, Sleepy Sandhill Crane and Shy Sandpiper lead the 2021 Audubon Photography Awards


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Anna’s Hummingbird and Cattails, Karen Boyer Guyton / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Plants For Birds Honorable Mention. All images courtesy of Audubon, shared with permission

Most years Audubon Photography Awards collects entries from photographers who travel the world to discover the elusive, extraordinary winged creatures they normally don’t see near their homes. However, the past few months have inevitably restricted travel, leading the 2021 participants to seek out the unique and remarkable moments around them. This year’s winners were selected from 8,770 images and more than 260 videos, and capture a wide range of bird species, including a dust-shrouded larger roadrunner at Los Novios Ranch in Texas, a sleepy sandhill crane that perched on its mother in Florida lolls, and a northern harrier spreading its wings before sliding down to catch its prey. You can see and check out more of the top shots below the winners of the previous year, also.

Sandhill Crane, Robin Ulery / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Amateur Award Winners

Greater Roadrunner, Carolina Fraser / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Grand Prix

Sandpiper, Arav Karighattam / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Youth Award winner

North Cardinal, Steve Jessmore / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Professional Award Winner

Anna’s Hummingbird, Patrick Coughlin / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Fisher Prize

Red-shouldered blackbird on lily pad, Shirley Donald / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Plants For Birds Award Winner

Northern Harrier, Elizabeth Yicheng Shen / Audubon Photography Awards / 2021 Female Bird Prize

# birds

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