Otherworldly paintings capture skeletons in repeatedly bizarre and eerie situations



“Born of Paint”, 6 x 8 inches. All images © Jason Limon, shared with permission

In its ongoing Fragments Series, artist living in San Antonio Jason Limon (before) uses muted jewel and earth tones to paint eerie scenarios for his recurring skeleton figure. The bony subject finds himself in a multitude of bizarre situations, whether it is bursting out of a tube of paint, staging a puppet show with a pair of ornate paper hands, or nervously waiting for a fire to penetrate. His little pieces, which are often set against a background full of splashes of color, are permeated with a sense of creative problem-solving when he captures characters in scenes with boxes of pencils, worn erasers, and other craft supplies.

Although skeletons are typically associated with ideas of death and the afterlife, Limon sees the anatomical subject as a universal image that enables him to “represent a thought, feeling, or idea without the character’s identity getting in the way “Although he tends to pair the ubiquitous form with actions and environments associated with his personal life. “My biggest concern has always been what is going on around me and that is my family. Growing up in our family wasn’t that easy, and today we can get closer and help each other, ”he says.

Originals, prints and some wearables are available in Lime Shop, and you have several opportunities to see his unearthly works in the months ahead: im Art exhibition in LA from July 29th to August 1st at Copro gallery in Santa Monica in September and October and on Long Island Haven gallery in April 2022. Until then, open to Instagram for an extensive archive of his pieces.

“Grasping”, 6 “by 8”

Left: “Breaktime”, 6 x 8 inches. Right: Replicate, 6 “by 8”

“Garden of Flames”, 15 x 20 cm

“Unravel”, 8 “by 8”

Left: “Pulse”, 6 x 8 inches. Right: “Pencils”, 6 “by 8”

“Doodle Brain”, 6 “by 20”

“Unbound”, 15 × 20 in


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