A minimalist photo series visualizes the seven basic dimensions of physics



July 16, 2021

Grace Ebert

Dimensions. All images © Greg White, shared with permission

In his series Base quantities, London based photographer Gregor White explains the abstract and basic concepts of physics. His minimalist, graphic images document all seven components (i.e. mass, electrical current, temperature, length, light intensity, amount of substance and time) of the arbitrarily defined system for measuring physical properties. The visuals are vividly composed and include a radiant electrical current flowing in a coil, the sound spectrum of thermodynamic temperature, and a trio of illuminated rays transporting the length.

White tells Colossal that the series was born out of a desire to experiment with photographic techniques in a playful and accurate way, and was inspired by Abbot Berenicewho devoted much of her practice to conveying complex scientific principles in a simple and accessible way. “While doing research in the field of science, it quickly became clear that everything has rules and quantities, so I decided to visualize the quantities. Rules could follow next, ”he said. Each representation is derived entirely in the camera, a process that it describes:

I wanted the images to show something through just one technique, so for example it would look completely different without the movement of an object or be different again and not representative of the concept without the stroboscope. Many of the techniques involve moving an object captured over a long exposure time. Some also have a stroboscopic effect during long exposure, others use multiple exposures, for example when moving the lens, or simply integrate simple props / effects to distort or reveal an idea.

In addition to experimental projects such as Base quantities, White is working on a variety of assignments and commercial projects for you to explore his side and Instagram. (above Iain Claridge)

Electrical current




Amount of substance



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