A dizzying carpet of crystals covers a drawing room in the Royal Palace Amsterdam with prismatic patterns



July 23, 2021

Grace Ebert

Photo by Benning / Gladcova. All images © Suzan Drummen, shared with permission

The latest installation by the Dutch artist Suzan Drummer (before) masks a stately salon in the Royal Palace Amsterdam with a shimmering carpet of crystals in psychedelic vortices. In response to the architecture of the Golden Age, the bright colors of Drummens works are meant to collide with the rich, muted colors of the furniture and walls. Since every single crystal is hand-laid and left unsecured, the labor-intensive process took a team of four to nine days.

The fascinating and confusing installations of drums are often based on a combination of patterns, reflection and a three-dimensional texture that creates a dizzying effect. Much of her work is shaped by the overwhelming amount of information in today’s world that can create confusion and uncertainty, which she explains:

Phenomena like this worry me as a person, but as a maker, I am inspired by this dizzying diversity. I am interested in things that baffle us and in my work I try to increase that. It is an ongoing search with a constant interplay between seriousness, fear, playfulness and hope. Above all, I want it to be alive and vital.

The piece by Drummen is until October 3rd as part of. to see Trailblazer, a group exhibition inviting former recipients of the Royal Award for Modern Painting to display their work in the halls of the palace. Discover a larger collection of the Amsterdam-based artist’s projects her side and Instagram.

Work in progress

The Dutch King Willem Alexander and the artist. Photo by Jeroen van der Meyde


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