The photographer Fares Micue is surrounded by collections of bright balloons in her expressive self-portraits


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July 26, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Contagious Energy.” All images © Fares Micue, shared with permission

In her ongoing series of self-portraits, the photographer and artist, who lives in Spain, shows Prices Micue (before) swaps their usual monarchs and lush, green plants for glowing balloons. The perfectly round vessels seem to float in motion as they encircle Micue’s torso, hide her face or lead her up a painted staircase. The amorphous clusters follow the artist’s pronounced use of color and either fit in a strong contrast to her clothing and the background or blend in with the existing architectural palette.

In a note to Colossal, Micue shares that she brings in organic elements like flowers and leaves to evoke the Earth’s seasonal patterns, but that the balloons are derived from the more fundamental and constant elements of the universe like the sun, moon and planets. She explains:

For me, the round shape stands for perfection, feelings, energy and the natural flow of things … (She) has the ability to move easily like a ball and helps us move forward like a wheel. They are tender and soft. Nothing can hide around a circle because it has no edges or sharp corners, and that is what they represent in my work: the purity and naturalness of our feelings and how they help us move forward, the energy we share with the Share the world and how it always surrounds us and shapes our everyday life

Many of the pieces shown here are available in limited editions at Saatchi art, and you can access an extensive archive of Micue’s exquisitely composed portraits. explore Instagram.

“Tracking down illusions”

“Endless possibilities”, in cooperation with Artstar

“Winter blues” in collaboration with Artstar

“Too many expectations”

“The Source of Happiness”

“Arouse your curiosity”

“I choose you”

# portraits
# Self-portrait

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