Posing women in lively color gradients by Hanna Lee Joshi embody loss and acceptance


#Colored pencil

July 28, 2021

Grace Ebert

“Alignment of Virtue.” All images © Hanna Lee Joshi, shared with permission

The faceless women who are in the center of Hanna Lee Joshi‘s practice all embody an aspect of the artist herself. Conveyed by lively color gradients in gouache and colored pencil, the figures shown here are companions of the Korean-Canadian artist created last yeareven though they delve deeper into topics like loss, acceptance, and inclusivity. “The magic and mystery of life can seem very fleeting when you are in a state of depression. I wanted to reconnect with this spark of fire in me, “she says and explains:

I work on pieces that are about finding my identity and the nature of self. Reconnecting with my Korean heritage and accepting all the things that make me who I am. In the end, I’m just a piece of this earth having an experience of the self, and I’m trying to visualize some of it.

The introspective themes have distinctive features such as elongated torso and limbs, dark, shiny curls, and large hands that gesticulate yogic mudras that further visualize emotions and feelings. The women are subversive in color and shape, deviating from the skin tones and body shapes typically associated with nude figures.

Joshi, who lives in Vancouver, is preparing for the upcoming exhibitions at Spoke art SF on August 7th at Thinkspace projects in October and later in the fall Hashimoto Contemporary. Prints are available in her shop, and you can see some work in progress on Instagram.

“Wheel of Desire”


“Striving for Prosperity”

“I’m a little shy, but that’s okay”

“Sun, Moon and Fire”

#Colored pencil
# Self-portrait

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