Interview: Sketchbook project needs help after its Brooklyn collection grows to 55,000 books submitted worldwide


# Sketchbook project

July 30, 2021

Christopher Jobson

Steven Peterman started 15 years ago The sketchbook project, an on-going initiative through which he appears in. speaks a new interview with a colossal editor-in-chief Christopher Jobson. The project, which collects sketchbooks of artwork and stories from people around the world, has since grown to become one of the Brooklyn Art Library, and today this collection contains about 55,000 submissions.

The physical collection is an incredible creative resource. There are so many works of art of different skill levels and artists of all ages, but also stories, secrets, hopes and fears that create a magical exchange between the participant who created the book and the reader who looks at it personally.

In The conversation supported by Colossal members, speaks to Peterman about the challenges of conserving the collection and its resilient community during the COVID-19 pandemic and what will happen to the project if it changes its funding model.

# Sketchbook project

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