Kengo Kuma hangs shimmering metal chains in Gaudí’s Casa Batlló



August 5, 2021

Grace Ebert

All images courtesy of Jordi Anguera, shared with permission

Renowned architect Kengo Kuma (before) reinforces the already magical nature of Antoni Gaudís Casa Batlló in Barcelona with layers of shimmering curtains. The immersive installation lines a staircase that extends from the coal bunkers in the basement over eight floors and hangs 164,000 meters KriskadecorAluminum chain that positions the lighter shades on the upper floors and black on the lowest level to mimic the gradient in the courtyard of Casa Batlló. The billowing curtains reflect the light in kaleidoscopic patterns around the museum and stand in contrast to the otherwise colorful and bizarre architecture that Kuma describes:

We imagined this room, which is clad with aluminum articulated curtains, which, with their careful materiality, capture the light like fishing nets and show us in all its forms: brightness, silhouettes, shadows … by omitting the use of all the others Materials and the deletion of this blind box and its stairs with these chains, we can only speak of light and light.

Due to the material, the ceiling of the Casa Batlló was equipped with special acoustic panels to dampen the noises caused by the clinking of the chains. The photos shown here were taken by Jordi Anguera, and you can find more of his shots and stay up to date with Kuma’s designs on Instagram.


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